Bitgame Unveils All New Website -Blockchain-powered Sports Betting Platform


With the world turning its attention towards sports in anticipation of the upcoming 2021 Olympic Games, S11 World Cup, TI10, and 2022 World Cup, hundreds of millions of eyes around the world are getting ready to watch the action unfold. At the same time, the blockchain industry continues to expand as innovative teams are increasingly exploring new ways in which to integrate the revolutionary technology into traditional businesses. With over 10 years of experience in online sports betting, Bitgame are the industry leaders in merging blockchain-secured cryptocurrency with sports betting to create a seamless and rewarding user experience. This experience is set to improve manifold as the new look website and branding launches on 28th, May 2021.

Bitgame Unveils All New Website -Blockchain-powered Sports Betting Platform

The all-new website features a much neater layout and color scheme, making it easier for new users to navigate and get involved in the action straight away. Promotional events still remain a great feature of Bitgame and a major drawing point as users receive rewards for their contributions and whether looking to bet on professional sports games or just play games themselves, getting around is made much more intuitive. In addition, the website showcases the team’s updated logo which better represents the brand’s mission of combining cryptocurrency and high-quality sports.

Marketing spokesman for the Bitgame team, Stephen said: “We’re really excited to finally show off our new website. With a number of years of experience in this field, we now feel we understand what our users want and have been dedicated over the past few months to providing that for them. The new Bitgame platform is a real step in the right direction to creating a secure yet frictionless way for cryptocurrency users to bet on real professional sports games.”

Blockchain-powered Sports Betting Experience

In recent years, corporate and non-corporate spending on blockchain infrastructure reached new heights, the numbehain companies continued to grow, and the number of registered blockchain patents exploded. blockchain technology innovation continues to push forward as the entire industry accelerates with many countries attempting to strike a regulatory balance between fostering innovation and ensuring the financial security of their citizens.With this as a background, there is increasing demand for trustless P2P platform services.

As a sphere in the world of traditional entertainment, sports betting sits juxtaposed to this movement of decentralization. At the heart of the industry, brokers remain the undisputed money makers as in some cases, bad actors manually adjust odds, arbitrarily impose restrictions, and rake in profit from fees on both sides. Although this is not the case for the whole space, the few and apples are likely to be phased out as users around the world demand blockchain-powered and fairer applications.

Through gaining these insights into the space, Bitgame has committed to creating a sports betting platform that responds to the global demand for cryptocurrency-accepting entertainment services and blockchain technology. Bitgame intends to enable a genuinely positive sports betting experience for users and provide frictionless payment services regardless of their choice of currency. Powered by blockchain, the platform utilizes cutting-edge decentralized matching algorithms and trustworthy real-time data inputs to ensure all users are treated equally and fairly.

Many successful sports bettors are able to find an “edge” over brokers by scrutinizing the tiniest details. When playing on crypto betting sites, users enjoy anonymity, security, access to huge bonuses, financial flexibility, lower fees, and speedy processing times. Ultimately, cryptocurrency and sports betting are a match made in heaven with added benefits on both sides.

Bitgame is a Gamechanger

With DeFi (decentralized finance) shaking up the world of finance and cryptocurrencies redefining ‘money’, Bitgame aims to be a facilitator for change by allowing cryptocurrency holders to use their money to bet on real-life professional sports and esports matches. This is especially important for the esports ecosystem which has exploded in previous years to a valuation set to exceed $1.5 billion in 2021.

Bitgame is the much-needed solution by providing a platform that supports unrestricted betting on sports matches and the playing of traditional online casino games with over 20 different cryptocurrencies. Bitgame is looking to grow the number of cryptocurrencies accepted and further enable cryptocurrency holders to use their digital assets for entertainment purposes. Currently, Bitgame on-chain Sports betting is built on Tron with plans to support Binance smart chain (BSC) and Ethereum coming soon. As part of the new branding and website, Bitgame is aiming to continue its expansion and create the online sports betting platform of choice for people with cryptocurrency.




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