YUAN Lin, Data Analysis Expert: the Integration of Data Analysis and Business Applications


With the advance of cloud data centers and the Internet, and the wide range of business applications running in cloud data centers, more and more business applications are needed by the modern society. For example, it is applied to check traffic, government affairs, communication and shopping logistics information. A comprehensive evaluation of business districts on a regional basis is in demand as well. In this context, industries are desperately in need of tools to help society improve efficiency and data to aid judgment. None of these requirements presents a tremendous challenge to the business of cloud data processing centers.

YUAN Lin, a data analytics expert, commented on the current state of business data analytics, “Data analytics is a mirror, and more accurate the data is, the more reflective it is of the business development of the enterprise at the moment”. Engaged in data analysis for years, YUAN Lin has been deeply concerned about the pain points of industry. He believed that the previous data analysis operation could not satisfy the massive data computing volume of tens of millions of users. The geometric increase in data operations will significantly increase the cost of business operations, resulting in a waste of operational resources and a significant increase in the complexity of big data operations. Consequently, many medium and large enterprises currently initiate digital transformation and construct data kiosks and management cockpits for business management analytics. The demand for talents with skills in digital transformation and data analysis in recruitment market has been continuously increasing especially in recent years.

So what’s the best solution? YUAN Lin offered a specific answer.

“It is widely known that data analytics is not getting a new field. It took enterprises some time to embrace it. Yet today, with the advent of technology and the availability of more data, it has begun to be widely used by businesses in their growth and development. It is expected that data analytics will become an increasingly important component of the enterprise in the future. Accessing to actionable, real-time insights and awareness of new trends in the data analytics space is important as new approaches to data analytics began to be adopted by more and more organizations. There is definitely a time to be concerned about the field of data analytics, and the widespread adoption and application of new trends means that the field is growing rapidly, which deserves ongoing attention.”

Based on the drawbacks of today’s industry, YUAN Lin extracted the business features and knowledge features of specific scenes as the basic data for building the knowledge and business database of specific scenes, subsequently carried out the integration of features and knowledge, enabling people to better obtain more insights from the massive and complex multi-source data, which enables intelligent cognition and automatic analysis of multi-source data in specific scenes, and empowers business for various scenes. “Based on Business Big Data Platform Dynamic Visualization Business Monitoring and Analysis System V1.0” was developed by him and  has attracted the keen attention of the industry as soon as it emerged.

Despite the significant demand for such systems, cloud data is still in its infancy in digital business operations. In recent years, YUAN Lin has been keenly aware of the gap of cloud data monitoring in this area. To address the pain points of the industry, he devoted himself to researching the big data platform to enable the digital upgrade of business and realize business visualization, which resulted in the “Based on Business Big Data Platform Dynamic Visualization Business Monitoring and Analysis System V1.0”. Based on the big data platform, the system takes the project group for the whole, advances the basic data and conducts multi-dimensional perspective analytics, monitors the overall project and forecasts risks in a timely manner, while presenting the data in an automated and visualized manner to assist project management and advancement, realizing unified control of the corresponding business data. YUAN Lin’s developed system has brought unlimited convenience to business management and monitoring, as well as more development possibilities to the enterprise.

The system is already transformed and put into use in many enterprises, generating considerable benefits. Based on the statistical feedback from the using enterprises, the overall operation efficiency of the enterprises has increased by more than 35% after using the “Based on Business Big Data Platform Dynamic Visualization Business Monitoring and Analysis System V1.0”, and the business revenue has increased by 5% on average. At the same time, the company has achieved effective reduction of labor cost, dual growth of revenue and net profit, market share increased by about 37%, and overall improved the management and execution ability of enterprise projects.

YUAN Lin is a person who holds a persistent attitude in both life and career. Over the years, he has insisted on implementing the knowledge he has learned into social applications according to the different development requirements of society. In addition to the above-mentioned “Based on Business Big Data Platform Dynamic Visualization Business Monitoring and Analysis System V1.0”, YUAN Lin has also developed “Based on OLAP Technology Marketing Intelligent Analysis System V1.0”, “Based on Open Source SPL technology Multi-source Data Analysis System V1.0” and “Based on Big Data Analysis Procurement and Supplier Management System V1.0” have contributed to a number of innovative and practical technical achievements in the field of data analysis.

YUAN Lin indicated that as a professional with appropriate knowledge, he would pursue his efforts to promote the further development of the industry even the society in this era of high speed development of social data.

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