Your personal finance questions: Is it right that my colleague got a bigger bonus than me for the exact same job?


Plus, will we have to pay Vacant Homes Tax following the death of my mum last year, and what are the advantages of joining a credit union

A property may be exempt from the Vacant Homes Tax if the owner died during the chargeable period or in the 12-month period prior to the chargeable period. Photo: .

Q My employer, a bank, recently reintroduced bonuses after the Government lifted its ban on bank bonuses. A colleague of mine, who is in the exact same job as me, received a bonus of €20,000. However, I only received a bonus of €10,000. The bonuses were awarded for a project which we both worked equally on. When I queried why I got much lower bonus, I was told that it was because my colleague is much older than me. This doesn’t seem fair. Am I not entitled to the same bonus?

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