With science and technology ecology and digital finance, OpenLand comprehensively build a dual-flow application of the pass economic system


With science and technology ecology and digital finance, OpenLand comprehensively build a dual-flow application of the pass economic system

Blockchain, as a subversive and innovative technology in the field of information technology, has reshaped the decentralized financial system and constructed a new business application model, leading an era in which everything can be capitalized and assets can be digitized from information Internet to value blockchain, from programmable currency to programmable society, and from decentralized financial DEFI to non-homogeneous certificate NFT. Blockchain technology, as an important carrier of information, digitization and scientific and technological development, has given birth to digital currency, which has gone through three stages: asset, currency and payment network, promoting the transformation from “information Internet” to “value Internet”. After experiencing the old forms of digital assets, consensus mechanism, public chain, private chain, alliance chain and cross-chain ecology, blockchain technology is being represented by DCEP, ETH2.0, Defi, NFT, IPFS and Filecoin, injecting new momentum into the construction and development of digital economy and society.

The first ecology of OpenLand NFT+Defi

OpenLand relies on blockchain technology and infrastructure application innovation at the bottom of blockchain, realizes the application scenario in which everything can be NFTized, builds a perfect autonomous NFT+Defi ecosystem, creates physical mapping on-chain fragmentation, and innovates the digitization of physical assets industry by taking NFT+Defi as the core technology, and through DAO decentralized governance mechanism. The DeFi system constructed by the physical mapping NFT will become an important subdivision part of the Web3.0 decentralized network era.

In 2020, OpenLand gave users absolute decentralization autonomy, taking the lead in realizing the physical mapping project of NFT racetrack, issuing block chain technology commemorative stamps, and realizing the brand-new value of science and technology IP+ stamps + NFT, and a new upgrade of mining pool system decentralized through blockchain technology. There are various mining modes of pledge mining, link mining, ecological mining pool mining and mobile mining. Mining can also get a variety of pass awards such as PTT or XCH.

The ecological map of OpenLand ushered in a comprehensive outbreak, pushing through the old and bringing forth the new, promoting the landing of the application of block chain with diversified ecological strategic layout, enriching the ecological application scene in which everything can be linked with brand-new science and technology and ecology, and creating a leading ecological platform of block chain in the world in 2021. Its ecological layout is as follows: everything on the chain-NFT Mall, consensus Future-Block chain consensus Community, Transformation platform-CCT Circular Consumer Mall, Wisdom Future-Block chain Research Institute Financial and Media Center, distributed Mining Pool-Diversified Computing Mining platform, dual-flow Integrated Certificate economy system-PTT Trading and Governance permit, Digital Asset Management value-added Service-Ecological Fund. OpenLand intends to build a decentralized autonomous blockchain world, a new diversified mining platform, and a new ecological application breakthrough through powerful technology. It wants many blockchain enthusiasts to participate, and work together to build a consensus, so that all PTT holders and evangelists can quickly become the wealth leader of the industry.

Pass of Openland-PTT dual flow application

 OpenLand and BTC100 brokerage trading platform conducted deep integration on August, 2021. It is for the first time that the system unique governance pass PTT upgrade BTC100 brokerage trading platform pass. PTT will officially log on to BTC100 at 14:00 on September 1st to start free trading. PTT is not only the tool of the whole ecological value transfer of Opeanland, but also the holder of the rights and interests of BTC100 securities trading platform. Holding PTT can enjoy the rights of OpenLand governance, investment and use of PTT pass, agreement fee conversion, ENS (domain name service), NFT default list, NFT collection landing, project development planning voting, pledge mining, priority currency recommendation, transaction discount fee, platform income rebate, platform welfare airdrop, premium project quota subscription, brokerage transaction rebate and other rights and interests. The user flow of BTC100 trading platform and the application flow of OpenLand ecological block chain will bring more liquidity and comprehensive value of business, finance, circulation, investment, technology and so on to PTT.

Human society is in a silent change. Information transmission based on Internet has evolved into value transmission based on technology, and blockchain is reconstructing the development ecology of digital economy with the emergence of blockchain technology. Reshaping the financial order so as to change the application scenarios and operating rules of many industries.

      After years of development and growth, the first ecology of NFT+Defi+ has been initially formed after the sprouting of OpenLand in 2017. OpenLand creates a new ecology of digital finance in blockchain through the idea of decentralization of Defi, and makes digital collections become everlasting treasures through the non-homogenization of NFT. The “chain” autonomy of encrypted economic network is realized through the community autonomy of DAO. With the goal of creating the largest NFT trading platform in the world, the construction of online circular mall as the means, OpenLand autonomous ecology as the guarantee, and diversified ecological applications as practice, we are committed to building the first ecosystem of NFT+Defi.

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