Will BILL be Musk’s next target with goods?


On May 17, Tesla CEO Elon Musk hinted on social media: “Tesla may or has sold its Bitcoin position.” A Twitter user left a message to Musk: “If we find that Tesla has sold the remaining Bitcoin holdings, Bitcoin people (holders) will definitely slap themselves in the next quarter (after the quarterly earnings report). “Musk replied to this tweet with the word “Indeed.”

In addition, Musk also quoted an article and tweeted that Bitcoin is actually highly concentrated, and most of it is controlled by a small number of large mining (aka computing power) companies. In addition to being short on Bitcoin, Musk also implemented his optimism for Doge. He said, “Those nasty remarks make me miss All In Doge”. And said that Tesla will seek and use other cryptocurrencies with lower energy consumption than Bitcoin.

In the face of Musk’s bearish remarks, more and more Bitcoin believers began to scold Musk, and Musk’s Twitter messages were all scolding from HOLDER. Said that automakers should devote all their energy to car innovation and manufacturing, instead of going to the financial circle to wander through the muddy waters. What’s more, a new currency (FUCKELOIN/BNB) was released after this incident.

In an environment where the reputation of DOGE coins is gradually getting worse, Musk will not give up his investment in the digital currency market. According to Musk’s previous tonal analysis of the digital currency market, Musk will once again choose a new currency with value support as the new speculation target. In order to avoid the risk of public opinion, he will choose environmental protection, valuable support and strong endorsement of new coins for cooperation.

Some time ago, I heard that Musk will let Dogecoin and Bill Code conduct a joint airdrop campaign. The content is that Dogecoin can become BILL with a certain conversion share.

According to Musk’s usual routine, he will not enter the mining market, so if he wants to make a profit, his operation must be similar to the doge coin, and he will make crazy hype in the market. If Dogecoin and Bill Code conduct a joint airdrop event with Musk’s shadow, the initial threshold price of BILL after the airdrop cannot be very low. Due to the stability of the total amount of BILL issued, the price trend of BILL will continue to be bullish. Of course, the first profit is the first batch of users who participated in Bill Code mining or airdrop.

In summary, BILL has a great probability of becoming Musk’s next hype target, and now the glory of DOGE will repeat itself in BILL.

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