CGTT(COGITATION) Token Listing United States


CGTT (COGITATION) new token listing ,to create a consensus cogitation countless community building a large number of holdings, the basis arm of CGGTT development along for Tron smart contracts. CGTT consensus community building, in no project side, no private placement, no pre-digging, complete decentralization to achieve transparency, more reliable credibility.

CGTT was born in May 2021, with a total circulation of 10 billion pieces, Circulation accounted for 70% of the total, liquidity mining (POS) accounted for 20%, team building maintenance accounted for 5%, charity funds accounted for 2%, community building accounted for two% of overall, and trading accounted for 1%.

CGTT is in the spotlight and has reached agreements with all fast food restaurants in the United States to improve payment systems across all their operations in order to reduce technical errors and achieve more efficient payment transactions.

CGTT(COGITATION) Token Listing United States

CGTT is also the first token to operate in a fast food restaurant in the United States, only after PAYPAL announced to accept cryptocurrency payments, American citizens gradually feel the popularity of blockchain and cryptocurrency.

The CGTT is expected to hit the stock exchange in May next year.

Currently CGTT can only obtain tokens in the JUSTSWAP channel, CGTT Contract Address: TQNFdWudXBqFCa4tXQm6uqA4KP6CDXqgkx

CGTT development vision value is very worthy of everyone’s expectations.

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