US Finance News: 2023 Social Security COLA, gas prices, unemployment report…


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On Friday, the BLS released the September Unemployment Report, which found that unemployment held steady at 3.8 percent last month.  This is one closely watched indicator by the Federal Reserve, which has paused rate increases in current months, awaiting more information on how the hikes implemented over the last year have impacted the labor market and consumer and producer prices. 

Next week, the Social Security Adminstration will release the 2024 Cost-of-living adjustment (COLA), which will be applied to Social Security benefits and the other programs administered by the SSA. We will bring you the latest forecasts, but beneficiaries should be prepared that the figure is likely to be less than half of the 8.7 percent that was granted this year

Gas prices are starting to fall, and we will bring you the latest on what is driving prices down and how far they could drop. 

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