The new decentralized platform ETV was born and came into being


With the vigorous development of information technology, human civilization has entered a new height. However, as a consensus of value, digital currency is currently limited to a very small group of geeks. Because it has no intrinsic value, it is extremely unstable and easily manipulated, and there is no mature application yet. Scenes. Technically, a series of problems also need to be solved, including security, efficiency, identity management, etc. But the rise of digital currency is reshaping people’s consensus on value. The continuous development of the blockchain and digital currency fields makes it possible to create a digital currency system that is generally accepted by the people all over the world.

ETV, a peer-to-peer decentralized platform based on blockchain technology, ETV creates an autonomous, efficient, and transparent decentralized digital asset value circulation environment. In addition, ETV hopes to build a complete value ecology for users in the blockchain era, and hopes that this ecology can provide protection for users’ free will and personal value, especially time value.

The new decentralized platform ETV was born and came into being

ETV uses the blockchain technology of decentralization and smart contracts to effectively solve the crux of the current development of the digital currency industry, and strives to create an underlying application system based on benefiting people and public welfare products, forming a blockchain entire industry chain ecosystem. Bring consumers a safe and convenient product experience.

Not only that, ETV is based on the Scrypt algorithm and issues high-value tokens ETVIB, making the transaction process of ETVIB more convenient than Bitcoin, faster transfer speed, and more suitable for the general public. more importantly. In the future, ETVIB will connect physical assets in the real world through an open ecosystem, and derive a variety of applications and mining on the chain, allowing more people to share the dividends of DeFi development.

In addition, the ETV team perfectly realizes the characteristics of decentralization of rights and interests, decentralization of accounting, and decentralization of transactions; at the same time, in terms of transaction efficiency and handling fees, by reaching the optimal solution, it supports instantaneous and extremely low-fee on-chain assets. circulation.

DEFI creates better conditions for value circulation. As a transaction medium in the blockchain system, ETVIB assets can realize barrier-free cross-border payment and settlement. At the same time, as a value carrier, ETVIB assets can effectively link the various participants in the ecology to create greater value through collaboration.

Inheriting a brand-new blockchain financial dream, ETV conforms to the development trend of the times, continuously innovates technology to develop intelligent applications, and provides every community member with a safe, convenient and efficient blockchain industry ecological application system!

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