The end of digital life, how CFP “overcomes obstacles” in the Metaverse Battlefield


With the high-profile announcement of Facebook founder Zuckerberg’s entry into the Metaverse battlefield, “Metaverse” seems to have entered a fierce competition:Instagram products also announced to join the Metaverse group, Tencent’s crazy sweeping “Metaverse” products, for fear of missing the outlet of this new er. All of the above have made people more and more curious about Metaverse. What magic power does Metaverse have to make Internet giants enter the market one after another?

What is the Metaverse?

Metaverse is a parallel virtual society parallel to the real society. The metaverse is the future network world and the manifestation of the spiritual society. “Metaverse” is a virtual space parallel to the real world and independent of the real world. It is an online virtual world that mirrors the real world, and it is an increasingly real digital virtual world. The Metaverse world presents the characteristics of convergence and physical persistence through virtual augmented physical reality. Based on the future Internet, a 3D virtual space with the characteristics of link perception and sharing. Metaverse is characterized by the integrity of parallel worlds and individual freedom. In any social system, economic order is extremely critical, which represents the degree of order stability within its society. The stability of the social order is inseparable from the support of the economic system. Only a steadily developing economy can build a rich and healthy social order. The Metaverse system established by Cipher Fork Protocol will be an eye-catching one in the market. Cipher Fork Protocol starts from the economic foundation and creates an economic system circulated by CFP.

The end of digital life, how CFP “overcomes obstacles” in the Metaverse Battlefield

The unlimited development possibilities in Metaverse

The Metaverse world created by Cipher Fork Protocol will carry all the digital values of human society. In a virtual space-time parallel to the real world, people will have unlimited creativity and behavioral abilities. The setting of virtual identity will also erase the differences in gender, skin color, age and other differences in real life. Everyone can participate in the creation of Metaverse by participating in the Tesseract mechanism. Tesseract is a key factor in the CFP agreement. It is specifically set up to regulate the entire chain economy and is the basis for the balance of Metaverse’s diversified ecology. CFP focuses on economic support, starting from stability, and creating a stable and developing social system. Taking the current economic situation in the world as a guide, CFP will create a fair, healthy, free and diversified Metaverse society.

CFP Matrix Universe

Starting from the creation of the chain, CFP has absorbed the explosive advantages of 5G, meta-computing, edge computing and distributed technology to provide infrastructure and services for the creation of Metaverse. From the gradual integration of chains to the coverage of the network in Metaverse, from disorder to order, from simple to complex, Metaverse’s grand blueprint is gradually clear. With the intensive landing of the network and the improvement of details, the formation of the CFP matrix universe will bring more and more realistic virtual worlds. CFP’s matrix Metaverse, on the one hand, carries all virtual activities after players enter, including digital socialization, digital entertainment, digital life and other social spiritual activities. The system created by CFP is the online service and medium that users come into contact with;On the other hand, CFP will support users’ digital assets and digital identities, using encryption technology and the on-chain of network activity memories, where users can create permanent identities and save their assets.

Future civilization of mankind

CFP provides users with an infinitely large virtual digital world, and its significance is far beyond universally recognized networks and platforms. The development of the history of human civilization has been about the development of the earth and the physical reality of the universe since ancient times. CFP leads human civilization outside the physical world, allowing users to deeply participate in the Metaverse world. For example, socializing, shopping, participating in activities, watching the premiere, all of which will break the limitations of the physical world and create a new life dominated by self-awareness. CFP will lead users beyond the shackles of the real world and outline a new virtual society.

In the CFP Metaverse, the ideological concepts and human values in the Internet will be burst out. This will be built on the economic system supported by CFP, and the fair and transparent DAO autonomy beyond credit currency will bring unlimited surprises. Highly intelligent, fast and convenient will be the label features of the Metaverse world. Here Doraemon’s arbitrary goalkeeper is no longer a wish. Online and time travel at any time will become the norm. People will create aerial civilization in Metaverse and enter a new era of “Post-Human Society”.

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