TCBiT strikes around the world, about to subvert your meta-universe mining world


With the listing of Roblox, the concept stock of Meta Universe, in the United States on March 10, 2021, Meta Universe began to accelerate its entry into people’s field of vision. Some people are very optimistic about Metaverse and call it the “Next Generation Internet.” Many giants have also laid out the meta universe one after another, wanting to be the first person to eat crabs. And new things are always accompanied by opportunities and challenges. In recent days, Facebook has changed its name to META, directly opening up the meta universe.

Along with the explosion of the meta-universe, a mining application ecology based on the meta-universe is also about to emerge and sweep the world. It is our protagonist today, TCBiT, an advanced meta-universe mining ecology.

TCBiT official website:

TCBiT, created by TCBiT DAO in collaboration with the TCBiT Foundation and the world’s top technical elites and communities, is a mining application ecosystem based on the meta-universe, which aims to staking mining and lock-ups through the virtual reality of the meta-universe concept and the mobile nature of the DeFi mode Mining, contract transactions, etc., realize the exchange, interaction, flow and pledge of digital assets.

As a practical value interconnection ecosystem, TCBiT will provide a series of technical and functional characteristics to support the value mapping between the real world and the virtual world, and provide a feasible path for the exploration and early realization of value mapping. Therefore, TCBiT will first build a meta-universe theory-based infrastructure that is universal, complete supporting functions, high performance, easy to use, good user experience, and scalable to create an ecosystem that supports various applications on the chain.

In addition, the blockchain network supported by TCBiT is not only a technology, but also provides a service model and solution, which has played an extremely important role in promoting the further development of the Internet industry. The future of the blockchain will be “Internet of Everything + Internet of Everything”. TCBiT is driving the era of Internet of Everything with the support of strong technology, resources, governance, and communities.

In the future, TCBiT will use the underlying technology of the blockchain as the record book of Metaverse, which will permanently store the ownership information in Metaverse and cannot be tampered with. TCBiT’s vision is: in the future meta-universe space, use more simplified products to achieve more diversified functions, starting from the transaction, and finally achieving “all things can be mined”.

At present, TCBiT is ready to go, based on the global market, integrating the advantageous resources of various countries, and multi-level docking. It has successively set up branches in 24 cities including Berlin, New York, London, Singapore, Bangkok, and Tokyo, with an international vision and globalization. Covering and building top global operating capabilities, boosting the leapfrog development of TCBiT’s global layout, and striving to provide global users with diversified meta-universe mining machine ecological services.

TCBiT is a brand-new meta-universe mining ecology. Looking forward to its explosion, let us wait and see.

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