ECPS and ECPS world debut – the beginning of a new era of the metaverse


ECPS-ECPS world, a forum across time and space at Marriot hotel on November 21.  This was the world premiere of ECPS-ECPS world, with Mario and CTO Philip from ECPS participating in the forum.

Mario gave an overview of ECPS and ECPS world,  and CTO Philip gave a detailed description.  

Mario spoke

The Edge Computing System. It reminds octopus. Octopuses are full of neurons, with only 40 percent of their brains, while the remaining 60 percent are spread across eight legs, a structure very similar to the distributed architecture of the central cloud and edge cloud.  ECPS edge computing system can be in the server, computer, mobile phone, or any other digital gadget so that it is close to provide us with computing services, so that not only solve the need for rapid computing, but also to maximize the value of computing assets. Whether the combination of edge computing technology and blockchain can meet the needs of the metaverse and promote the iteration of it, there is something we have been thinking about. 

The metaverse architecture, a combination of ECPS edge computing systems and COP blockchain, is an innovative attempt. We have successfully applied this combination to ECPS world metacosm games,  facilitating technical iterations. This architecture not only improves the stability and security of the system, but also reduces latency, prevents lag, and allows the virtual world to interact with the real world without interference.

We have all experienced the Internet era, from 1.0,2.0 to the present mobile Internet, it can be said that the Internet has become an integral part of life, technology has changed our lives, every technology iteration and innovation, will mean a new opportunity, new challenges, but also a new beginning.  Through technological innovation, ECPS world with financial attributes has greatly promoted the development of the meta-universe, with unlimited commercial value. In the next five years, it may be the only chance for ordinary people to multiply their wealth.

CTO PHilip speaks

The layout of the ECPS edge computing system is divided into three phases. Phase 1: Mobile ECPS system development, the system can be brought online in the near future, you can get Cop token rewards through mobile ECPS app, these COP can be trade in the stock markets. Phase 2: Server-side ECPS system development, which will take 8-12 months to plan and develop the server-side ECPS system in the future, to create the edge computing chain.  Phase 3: After the server-side ECPS system is brought online, it will take about 6 months to plan and develop the ECPS system for home servers and other computing devices, after which the overall ECPS will be available. The system is complete.

We build on the ECPS system to create the ECPS world universe. The creation of ECPS world metaverse is divided into four stages: 

the initial stage, the development stage, the roaming universe stage and the metacosm stage. The system opens up different game resources at different stages, and the last stage is the accumulation of the   previous stages.

New players who have not experienced the accumulation of resources in the first three stages can purchase construction, facilities, vehicles, etc. from the old players. In the metacosmic stage, the virtual world digital economy can be linked to the real-world economy, such as in-game clothing stores will work with clothing brands to bring real-world clothing styles into the game. Players can customize their image, supplies, use holographic projection function, vehicle model can be projected into reality.

It is important to note that the ECPS world universe is completely open and players can use the editing tools we provide to create a unique world of their own.

After listening to their introduction, we are looking forward to ECPS and ECPS world.

For more information, you can visit the website

After the meeting, we interviewed Mr. ECPS CTO Philip exclusively.

Editor: Why do you want to do the metacosm?

Mr. Philip: In doing this product, we did more than 15,000 studies and found that everyone has their own metacosm in mind, which may be why the metacosm has always been inconceivable. When we asked people, what do they expect the main 98 % of answer was that people wanted the virtual world to intersect with the real world, so I decided to make a single metaverse game product that would open up the virtual world to the real world.

Editor: Don’t we “get through” by using VR to feel what’s happening in the virtual world?

Mr. Philip: It’s different dimensions.  VR gives us awareness; holographic projection gives us a sense that this can be done in our games. But I want to do more than that, I think cultural and economic exchanges, that is our key point.

Editor:  What makes you think that way?

Mr. Philip: “Fortress Night” is a game I’ve been watching, and we all know that its virtual concerts have been very successful, but in some countries When you stop playing, all the time and money players spend in the game become worthless. This makes me regret playing, as a game designer, I am determined to protect the player’s property as much as possible in ours universe. I think the economic system in the game is a kind of digital economy. After discussion, my team and I decided that the best way to get the digital economy and the money economy in linked as one. Let the virtual world production create value, can be in accordance with our wishes to give back to real life, so that the meta-cosmic game will have the meaning into real life.

Editor: Mr.Philip, you are great.

Mr. Philip: Oh, no, I’m just looking at it with the perspective of our users. My team and I are committed to people-oriented principles. It is our goal to make life better for everyone in the real world.

After interview I notice that ECPS and ECPS world meta universe design is more open, basically developers are all the players in which case it means that the game is more user friendly.

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