Social Advertising Giant Firevip’s “Branch” Recruitment Is in Full Swing


Founded in 2021, Firevip Group has generated up to $10 million for 1.2 million users in Nigeria with its professional social advertising services. In order to provide more opportunities for creating wealth, and allow the platform and users to benefit mutually and both achieve development, Firevip Group’s “Branch” recruitment is in full swing!

“Branch” Recruitment

Firevip headquarters support capable and ambitious users to set up Firevip branches so that everyone has the opportunity to become the boss, as a member of the group to create value and mutual achievement with Firevip!

What will you get if you successfully apply for the establishment of a branch?

  • $60,000 start-up capital from Firevip headquarters
  • Headquarters will assist in branch location selection, assign professional staff to investigate the site, and also provide complete team marketing training
  • Qualified to participate in the quarterly and annual industry exchange conferences
  • Branch quarterly revenue will be rewarded according to the percentage of shares, with the group company accounting for 55% and the branch partners for 45%

Requirements for applying for the establishment of a branch

  1. The number of first-level friends reached 180 people or more
  2. Fixed office space is not less than 90 square meters, located in Abuja, Lagos, Ibadan in Nigeria, with a team of not fewer than 30 people
  3. The branch start-up capital is more than $10,000

In order to ensure the efficient development of the branch, Firevip headquarters will provide multi-faceted support, including but not limited to financial assistance, material resources, personnel training, risk control, etc., in addition to the quarterly assessment of the comprehensive operation of the branch.

Branch recruitment officially starts on 13 July, and if you are interested in applying, you can send your contact information and team profile to [email protected] and will process and contact you as soon as possible. Currently, Firevip’s business is developing very rapidly and has a bright future, looking forward to your joining!

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