SLYDE launches VIP-level rights and interests!


Dear SLYDE user:

SLYDE is committed to creating a diversified product matrix to provide block-chain enthusiasts with safe, professional, honest, high-quality, and convenient digital asset trading services. Whether you are a senior trader, a passive income earner, or a long-term holder of digital assets, you can find a suitable investment strategy in SLYDE. Users can obtain the qualification to upgrade the VIP level by inviting the number of subordinates or increasing the accumulated transaction amount.

Event rules details:

1. The VIP level system has nine levels (VIP1–VIP9) in total. The higher the level, the greater the benefits and VIP rights the user enjoys.

2. The VIP level system includes two upgrade schemes. If any of the two schemes is satisfied, one will be promoted to the corresponding VIP level.

3. Users can check their level, fee rate, and upgrade conditions in real time in [Account Security].

4. Effective activation number: the current balance must be at least 50 USDT to be considered a valid activation number.

5. The cumulative USDT transaction volume is calculated from the activity day, and only the maximum balance of the day is calculated once. Example: The daily balance is 1,000 USDT, and the maximum cumulative transaction volume calculated on that day is 1,000 USDT. If you continue to deposit 1,000 USDT for trading, the maximum cumulative transaction volume calculated on that day is 2,000 USDT.


To ensure the suitability of the event, malicious registration, order swiping, counter-knocking, money laundering, and other violations are not allowed. If a user affects the event’s regular operation, SLYDE will immediately cancel the award qualification and ban the account once found. The final interpretation right of this activity belongs to SLYDE.

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