Shenmeng · DAO appeared on the NASDAQ screen, and the domestic chain circle ushered in a highlight moment


The NASDAQ large screen is located in the New York era advertising in the United States. It is a triangle of wealth and art signing for risk control. Because of its iconic status, it enjoys the “crossroads of the world”. The corporate status displayed here refers directly to international brand celebrities, the semi-cylindrical NASDAQ (NASDAQ) huge screen. Standing here, spring, summer, autumn and winter are constantly changing colors such as black, blue and red, which seems to indicate the unpredictable changes in the world’s financial center! Here, the financial atmosphere of business and high-tech artistic means have been perfectly unified, and its significance has far exceeded the marked value!

Shenmeng · DAO appeared on the NASDAQ screen, and the domestic chain circle ushered in a highlight moment

On May 3, 2022, the content related to the 1st anniversary of Shenmeng·DAO, initiated by Yihong Technology Co., Ltd., appeared on the NASDAQ big screen. For a while, this mainland company, which had only been established for one year, became the focus of the chain. Looking back on 2021.5.3-2022.5.3 Shenmeng·DAO What we see is the economic miracle created by a group of preachers at the fore of the times.Shenmeng Community, the predecessor of Shenmeng · DAO, was established on May 3, 2021. The community was jointly established by several blockchain enthusiasts represented by G God. With the establishment of the Shenmeng community, HXB was launched synchronously. At the beginning of the launch, the market price was $3. With the professionalism and inclusive attitude of the founder of the community, God The alliance community quickly became famous in the domestic chain, triggering the crazy pursuit of followers in the currency circle.

In June 2021, Big Brother A worshipped his teacher, and the Shanxi Changzhi Shenmeng market officially opened, and the number of online meetings exceeded 30 for the first time. In July 2021, Mr. Liu, one of the four swordsmen in Tangshan, opened the road of the divine alliance. At the same time, the first offline studio of the divine league officially opened, which is an important turning point in the history of the development of the divine league. Point, it marks that the divine alliance has fully opened up online and offline channels. In August 2021, with the HXB market price exceeded 200 US dollars, the divine alliance quickly became the hottest topic in the domestic currency circle. Online meetings broke through 400 people, construction business schools and other actions, and the development of the divine alliance is doomed to be unstoppable; 2021 From September to October, the price of HXB exceeded 1,000 US dollars and 1,200 US dollars in a row, and the number of online meetings exceeded 500! During this period, the first National Shareholders’ Meeting of the Shenmeng was held in Tangshan. More than 30 shareholders of the Shenmeng from all over the country gathered together to discuss the future development plan of the Shenmeng, and the clearer development vision was shown in front of the Shenmeng people.

Under the top-level planning of the system, in November 2021, YZS was officially launched. The market price comparison of 1 YZS for 4TRX showed the market appeal of YZS. With the continuous expansion of the scale of the divine alliance, internal senior leaders began with the vision of “helping enterprises complete chain reform and build listed companies”. Put more energy offline.

In December 2021, as the New Year approaches, the Global Launch Conference of the Shenmeng was grandly held in Sanya, Hainan. More than 400 super preachers representing the strongest combat effectiveness of the Shenmeng·DAO gathered in Sanya to discuss the beautiful vision of the 10 billion market value of the divine alliance. At the same time, more than 2,500 people across the country were above the Tencent conference. We witnessed this glorious moment together. At the beginning of 2022, the press conference on enterprise chain reform in Kunming, Yunnan Province was successfully held, indicating that the offline development of Shenmeng is on the right track.

From February to now, the first stop of the national opening of the Shenmeng summit was successfully held in Tangshan, the leader of the divine league preached offline, and the national theater studios broke through 110 and other activities. The good news made the divine alliance well received a lot. Then the Shenmeng Ant Legion battle, the DEFI super alliance body, the divine alliance broke the circle, and the universe. The divine address has exceeded 35,000 and other landmark events have landed one by one. The iron facts show that the divine alliance DAO, which stands at the forefront of the times, is gaining the trust of more and more individuals and enterprises with its professionalism and sincerity, and  is constantly moving towards a more beautiful future.

In 2022.5, with the enterprise on the NASDAQ screen, the divine alliance • DAO was newly upgraded here. The development vision of “helping 100,000+ preachers who believe to follow the divine alliance turn over, help the enterprise chain reform, and build a listed company” became on paper. As a responsible and ideal enterprise, the divine alliance· With a high sense of social responsibility and responsibility, DAO, relying on its resources and contacts in the chain, is becoming a bridge for ordinary people and ordinary enterprises to take advantage of the development express of the times, connecting individuals and chain circles, and truly making the chain circle a resource. This is the attitude of Shenmeng DAO as a chain enterprise.

Shenmeng·DAO landed on the NASDAQ screen. This is a glorious moment of China’s chain circle and a highlight moment for 100,000 divine league preachers. With the advantages of perfect online and offline layout, and the unremitting efforts of more than 100,000 preachers, it is moving towards becoming a Chinese chain circle. The supreme honor of outstanding representatives bears witness to the development of the divine alliance all the way. While sending blessings, as ordinary people, we should also think more about the relationship between personal development and the development of the times. Only after choosing the direction of the times can personal efforts be continuously amplified with the blessing of the outlet, which may be the rise of the divine alliance. It brings us the most direct inspiration to each of us.

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