The Wind Rises NFT, The FistNFT Marketplace Shines!


With the maturity of encryption technology, the NFT market has gradually become popular in the application exploration of the collision between blockchain and various traditional industries and has spawned the birth of countless digital artworks, Punk avatars, and encrypted collection markets. With the continuous expansion of the NFT market size and the continuous doubling of the transaction volume, more and more institutions and individuals have turned to the NFT field and pushed its popularity to a new peak, just like a picture of a 100 billion market in the public. It unfolded slowly in front of him.

The growth rate of the NFT trading market is also shocking. As early as January this year, NFT reached a new high, and the market volume exceeded 5 billion US dollars! With the impact of this wave of the times, various NFT FistNFT Marketplaces with distinctive features have entered people’s fields of vision. One of the cutting-edge NFT Marketplaces, FistNFT, has occupied the focus of hundreds of thousands of users in the market.

The Wind Rises NFT, The FistNFT Marketplace Shines!

FistNFT one-stop integrated NFT FistNFT Marketplace

FistNFT is a new generation of NFT Marketplaces based on BSC. Platform users can mint, display, trade, and auction NFTs on FistNFT without any professional skills. At the same time, FistNFT pays great attention to user experiences, such as low entry barriers, strong ease of use, powerful functions, and many plates. Users can create their own NFTs on FistNFT, or connect to different NFT projects, and at the same time, they can view their own NFTs on the chain. More importantly, the transaction of FistNFT is an open on-chain behavior. Users purchase NFT with digital currency, and the settlement of the transaction is guaranteed by the open mainstream blockchain smart contract. The purchased NFT assets can be freely transferred on the chain, without any policy or condition restrictions, with unlimited appreciation space.

Multi-block function to solve all user needs

·NFT First Issuance Platform

FistNFT supports NFT creators or promoters to launch the first released NFT works (blind boxes or cards) on the platform for public pre-sale. Users can snap up blind box NFTs or card NFTs through the digital assets designated by the project, and obtain the copyright and use rights of NFT blind boxes or cards.

·NFT super player

The FistNFT platform launches NFT-Super Players, which will support all users to create and sell NFTs on the platform. Any user or platform can easily and conveniently create and sell NFTs such as game props, collectibles, metaverse, and music through FistNFT. assets to help the NFT market create a new ecosystem.

·NFT Rising Stars

To meet the needs of global art collectors and enthusiasts for art collection and investment, FistNFT will also launch the NFT digital art empowerment section. The platform will vigorously excavate and cultivate emerging artists, empower art with blockchain technology, solve the scarcity problem of digital art, explore the possibility of interaction between contemporary art and digital media, and join the trend of emerging experimental blockchain art movements around the world. middle.

·NFT Economic Empowerment Module

FistNFT’s unique economic empowerment module supports NFT project parties to expand their ecological value and is more conducive to users who hold relevant NFT assets to obtain more rights and values. High-quality NFT projects that have been reviewed can enter the economic empowerment module.

Technology Is The Core

For any platform, the security of the underlying technology is the core issue that needs to be continuously concerned for the long-term development of a platform. FistNFT is well aware of this. While striving to optimize the operation of the platform and improve the user experience under the enrichment of the trading sector, the FistNFT R&D department starts from the source of NFT creation technology, deeply optimizes every link from the generation to the circulation of NFT, and strives to build an entire network. Leading hard-core technology NFT platform.

  1. Create a multi-chain compatible open market

FistNFT provides a multi-chain shared NFT trading market for everyone. The open and inclusive attitude allows users to trade various types of encrypted assets such as Ethereum, BSC, and Polygon here.

  • The fastest and hottest data list

Based on the data of the whole chain, FistNFT provides users with the most popular and fastest updated real-time NFT transaction lists. Players can easily find the most trendy NFTs here.

  • Support zero-threshold casting NFT

To stimulate the creative needs of various users, FistNFT has designed a one-click NFT generation tool to support users to generate their NFT works with one click at an ultra-low-cost. This means that creators can enter the field of NFT trading at almost no cost.

  • Support mainstream decentralized storage methods

At present, FistNFT Marketplaces uses a centralized storage solution, which causes the user’s metadata to be stored in the centralized network, which may lead to the loss of the creator’s work. Based on this, FistNFT has supported a variety of decentralized storage solutions such as IPFS from the beginning of its design to ensure that the NFT products of creators and buyers will not be lost and reduce the risk of participating in the market.

  • Protect the rights and interests of creators and prohibit robots from maliciously brushing orders

The current NFT platforms in the market are similar to e-commerce platforms and are prone to malicious bidding rankings. To improve the ranking of NFT products and increase exposure, some users will use robots to maliciously place and swipe orders to improve the ranking of their works. In response to the above situation, FistNFT limits the minimum order amount and the number of orders placed per account per day to prevent robots from maliciously placing and swiping orders at prices that are completely impossible to achieve, and ultimately protect the rights and interests of creators. From the user’s point of view, FistNFT is designed from the aspects of product search, transaction cost, and transaction medium to improve user experience.

Looking To The Future

The release is not the end, it is just the beginning of the new NFT era created by FistNFT. It is not difficult to imagine that the NFT market will be a brighter star with more popularity, higher popularity, and more development opportunities in the future. As we enter a metaverse era driven by blockchain, the role of NFTs is even more obvious, and even now NFTs are helping the public to re-understand and redefine the field of art.

According to related news, with the increase in the number of users of the FistNFT platform and the expansion of the market size, FistNFT will plan to turn to a decentralized autonomous organization, and a fully community-driven 100% DAO governance NFT Marketplace will appear.

It is believed that in the future development road, FistNFT will adhere to the original intention of creation, better help the deep integration of blockchain technology and the NFT market, and allow more people to own and participate in the NFT world.

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