S.A. airport’s big news, SAISD closing schools: Top stories this week


San Antonio is now officially out of a brutal summer, meaning cooler temperatures and the return of San Antonio Spurs basketball.

Click the headlines to see the stories you may have missed earlier this week if you were too busy eyeing the forecast or watching the Spurs’ Victor Wembanyama shoot hoops with Manu Ginobili under a freeway.

It’s a new era for San Antonio travelers as the city gets its first-ever nonstop flight to Europe.

Learn more about the airline carrier connecting San Antonio to Frankfurt and why some say we’re now an “intercontinental” city.

Outdoorsy San Antonians now have hundreds of new acres of park to explore thanks to the addition of two natural areas.

Click on the headline to find out where Hendrick Arnold Nature Park and Trueheart Ranch Park are located and what kind of wildlife and plant species you can find there. 

A fifth of San Antonio Independent School District campuses are on the chopping block, district officials told trustees this week.

What does this mean for students and teachers? How will the district decide what to close, and why do they think it’s necessary? Read to find out why families are going to “have to change their habits” to elevate students and teachers.

 Last week’s “cold front” dipped temperatures into the double digits, albeit not as much as other Texas cities that saw temperatures plummet.

Find out why San Antonio was spared and when we can expect our first true double-digit average drop — and why it’s not guaranteed.

Thousands of migrants crossed the border into the city of Eagle Pass in the last week, leading its mayor to declare a state of emergency.

Click to find out how authorities are responding and the reasons behind this surge in crossings.

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