Joe Jonas, Sophie Turner can hugely benefit from divorce: PR expert


Joe Jonas, Sophie Turner can hugely benefit from divorce: PR expert

Joe Jonas and Sophie Turner are going through a messy divorce, but a PR expert seems to think the couple can make big bucks out of it.

Joe and Sophie decided to end their marriage mutually on September 6, 2023, via a joint statement, however, the events that transpired later suggested it’s a messy affair for the pair.

Since celeb divorces are always huge on money settlement, The Mirror reached out to a PR specialist named Mayah Riaz, and asked her opinion on it.

The expert said, “The divorce involves increased media coverage and public interest which can boost a celebrity’s career options.”

Mayah says that a celebrity divorce’s generates a lot of attention. “Increased visibility to strategically harness a positive outcome for their career opens doors interviews and talk show appearances,” she added.

On “capitalising” the situation, Mayah suggested that the “increased exposure” can bring the public’s attention to their careers which would “broaden” their reach.

Moreover, the expert said the PR teams should be careful with maintaining the celebrity’s image as “family-friendly” so the fans remain satisfied.

“Emphasise the well-being of the children whilst highlighting the importance of privacy,” she also added before concluding.

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