POC launches the Nirvana plan,promoting the listing of POCR to rebuild confidence


In the past two months, the POC team has faced a huge crisis and unprecedented challenges. We deeply regret that the operation of POC projects in Greater China has been closed and stagnated.

POC focuses on public chain development and has never authorized any organization or individual to carry out illegal activities. We will try to obtain the cold wallet and private key signature through a lawyer as soon as possible.

At the same time, in order to protect the rights and interests of users, thanks to the support and love of users, the POC project party has hired a new China operation team and passed a cooperation agreement. The new operation team will start the POC “Nirvana Plan” together with the project party to reshape the market confidence. The Nirvana plan is divided into three stages. First, to rebuild market confidence, the new operation team will cooperate with Binance Smart Chain to complete the mapping of POCR on Binance Smart Chain by May 27, and launch POCR which is based on BSC20 on hotbit.pro to promote the restoration of community ecology; the second stage, when market confidence is restored, we will cooperate with the top market value management team to further restore the token price; the third stage, we plan to open the token wallet redemption, and start new technology research and development .

The POC team will regroup and set off again to create a more complete, efficient and advanced public chain system, building more infrastructure for the development of the blockchain industry, contributing more technological innovations, and further promoting the arrival of the decentralized era, using technology Change the world, change our lives.

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