‘Not a high achiever anywhere


Royal experts believe Prince Harry’s lack of a job description in the leaked guest list ‘proves’ he’s made ‘no splash’.

Revelations of this nature have been shared by royal commentator Dave Seminara.

He started the chat off by referencing the couple’s lack of an occupation, in the leaked list of Hollywood A-lister names.

In reference to it he said, “Celebrities are often mocked for being shallow and narcissistic but all the other A-listers at the match are at least high achievers in their fields.”

He broke it down in a piece for The Telegraph and it read, “They’ve made movies people want to see, they’ve created popular music, they’ve achieved glory in the world of sports and in other endeavors.”

In comparison, while “The Prince does some laudable charity work, and may still command some good-will across the pond for his military service, but has hardly made a splash stateside.”

In this respect, “the blank space next to Harry’s name makes sense, unless you count complaining about your famous family as an occupation.”

Before signing off he added, “It’s normal for this addle-brained, publicity-seeking duo to make headlines in the UK, but I find it astonishing that my fellow countrymen are now interested in their lives.”

“I’d like to believe that they are not, and the media is forcing Harry news on us anyway, but I fear that Harry and Meghan are indeed popular here with a certain class of people I have little in common with.”

Prince Harry

Prince Harry

Prince Harry

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