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Metaverse has undoubtedly become one of the hottest concepts in the field of science and technology. To be precise, the meta universe is not a new concept, it is more like the rebirth of a classic concept. It is real in time and virtual in space. It is parallel to the real world in both dimensions of time and space.

As the popularity of Meta Universe increases, more and more companies want to get a share of the pie, and a number of Meta Universe companies and Meta Universe concept stocks have emerged one after another. Many well-known companies, including Tencent, ByteDance, Facebook, Tesla, etc., have already deployed the meta universe.

How to lay out the meta universe? You need such a platform-MetaverseLinker.

MetaverseLinker is the world’s leading decentralized traffic virtual economy aggregation system, which integrates aggregate identity authentication, aggregate mining, aggregate transactions, and aggregate traffic. It can be used as the first high-energy platform for individuals, enterprises, and teams to link Meta Universe.

Relying on decentralized architecture and blockchain technology, this system builds the underlying DAPP infrastructure through innovative economic models and standard smart contract specifications, and is committed to becoming a super traffic gathering place and value fission aggregator in DAPP and other fields.

What is the MetaverseLinker? Why is there a MetaverseLinker?

MetaverseLinker can help anyone achieve the goal of participating in the world of Dapp applications, and solve the problems of development difficulties, low efficiency, and insecurity encountered in the process of linking to the Meta Universe. In addition, derivative issues such as multi-chain support, consensus , and equity sharing can also be guaranteed on the MetaverseLinker.

  1. Multi-chain support: MetaverseLinker uses cross-chain technology based on public chains such as Ethereum, tronchain, Binance ecological chain BSC, Huobi ecological chain Heco, and OKEx transaction chain OEC. The anonymous technical team provides the automation protocol of smart contracts for the global meta-universe link application economic system, and provides a Turing complete economic system bottom layer.
  2. Consensus consensus and equity sharing: MetaverseLinker’s digital asset economic model achieves better consistency of interests: it helps developers to capitalize the content they produce, so that they can continue to obtain benefits during the use, management and transaction of assets, and provide Convenient and decentralized DAPP application distribution channel; the data and consumption formed by the time and energy of all participants can be converted into digital assets that are safely stored and circulated, and they have the rights to manage and commercialize them.

MetaverseLinker uses blockchain technology to improve the DAPP experience from six aspects:

  1. Data can be trusted;
  2. Digital asset confirmation;
  3. The actual role of blockchain digital assets in applications;
  4. Through the block The chain ledger realizes the inheritance and permanent record in the application process;
  5. security protection;
  6. media node access.

What is the goal of MetaverseLinker?

From a technical point of view, the ultimate goal of MetaverseLinker is to make the linked Dapp run on the chain as a whole, where all the logical codes of the Dapp are executed in the chain environment, and the decentralized blockchain network is used to carry and store data. In this scenario, a reliable, efficient, and no-delay running container is synchronized with a lightweight node for the operation of DAPP in the meta chain.

Overview of MetaverseLinker‘s milestone development plan

2019/12:  Preparations

The startup team of MetaverseLinker are all senior Israeli blockchain R&D programmers. Have the complete skills, knowledge and industry experience required for the project (including blockchain technology development, engines and IDEs, developer community operations, blockchain application production and distribution, entertainment community operations, financial market mechanisms, asset pricing, operation of multinational enterprises). The core sponsor of the project has entrepreneurial experience in two business cycles. It has an extensive business network and reputation in the fields of global information technology entrepreneurship and meta-universe link applications (such as games), as well as the decision-making power, execution experience and industry resources to establish an ecological platform. After completing the construction of the original team, we began to recruit developers and operations personnel in various blockchain communities around the world. Complete technical research on distributed ledgers, consensus mechanisms, smart contracts, and cryptography. At the same time, the initial establishment of the metachain global community was initiated.

2021/11-2022/06: MetaverseLinker and various application examples internal testing

The metaverselinker technical team has now completed the preliminary technical construction work, launched the metaverselinker internal test version and launched the game application example “ML’S Star Card”. We will continue to develop financial application examples “ML’S OTC”, social application examples “ML’S Social”, NFT application examples “ML’S Blind Box” and other landing application scenarios.

2021/12-2022/02: Airdrop and project fundraising

Users participate in the internal testing of various applications of MetaverseLinker, give away MetaverseLinker coin (hereinafter referred to as MLC), solicit suggestions from MetaverseLinker ecosystem partners to enrich the profit rules, and after confirming to write into the smart contract, the MetaverseLinker project will carry out the rebate of MLC in stages Activity.

2022/03: Launched MLC for pledge mining

  1. Online staking MLC to mine MLC;
  2. Online staking HT and other currencies to mine MLC to increase the number of MLC users’ currency holding addresses.

2022/04 :Start of the board of directors

The board of directors will allocate the funds of the total prize pool, such as dividends, MLC repurchase, burning rewards, etc. When the funds of the board of directors reach the community disposable threshold, the board of directors will be opened. The funds will be used in accordance with the established ratio and in accordance with the rules, and the board of directors will contribute more than the donation price to repurchase part of the MLC.

2022/05 :DAO is online

The control of the MetaverseLinker project is handed over to the community and executed by the code. The board of directors’ fund allocation, mining pool output allocation, and ecological reward rule-making will be carried out by voting by MLC token holders.

2022/06: Open Ecology

Add a liquidity pool, open the entire ecosystem, and provide a variety of functional suites, allowing external DAPP developers to share traffic through the Metachain platform, and provide ecological fund support for high-quality projects.

MetaverseLinker is not an idealized concept. We have completed the test of the first DAPP application game “ML’S StarCards” and will soon be released as the first blockchain guessing game launched by the Metachain project.

《 ML’s StarCards》The rules of play are as follows:

  1. By paying tokens to buy constellation cards, you can get some native tokens MLC for free when you get the cards. As the value of MLC increases, the player’s income will naturally increase.
  2. Cards will be generated in 88 constellations by the trusted random process of smart contracts. After purchase, place on the table and form a queue with the previous constellation cards. If there are already cards with the same constellation in front of the queue when placed, then two players with the same card will get the income of all cards in the same constellation, and the former will get 30 % Gain, the latter gets 70% gain.
  3. At the beginning of the game, if no one plays the card again within a period of time (for example, 30 seconds) after a player has played the card, the last player who played the card will get all the constellation card rewards in the room, and the game is over.
  4. Discounted prices for the first 8 constellation cards in each round of the game.

In the process of reaching the link between MetaverseLinker and Meta Universe, the realization of Metaverse is constantly being promoted. The lack of technology is no longer a “stumbling block”, and MetaverseLinker is the most convenient new channel to the Meta Universe.

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