Mannheim to Acquire Domino Network for $45 Million


Mannheim today announced that it had reached a definitive agreement to acquire Domino Network for a total of 45 million, the process of which is expected to be completed in the second week of December.

As part of the acquisition, some Domino team members will join Mannheim Network.

Mannheim will showcase the mission and vision of the new-generation digital reality with a brand refresh, including a logo update, website redesign, and new visuals, to provide more solutions for the new generation of Web3.0 metaverse infrastructure and ecological construction.

Mannheim will be a fast, distributed, UGC creator-friendly Blockchain providing a one-stop service for developers and creators. That includes a complete set of development tools and functional modules, distributed storage databases, innovative contract standard protocols, etc.


HEIM is the tradable token of the Mannheim Network ecology. It is the token economic carrier of the Mannheim digital space ecology, used to maintain the continuity of the entire blockchain node ledger and ensure the balance of the blockchain ecology.

Valery World  

Which is an open, social, multi-scenario, virtual panoramic digital space based on the Mannheim blockchain.

In Valery World, people can create and explore with other people who aren’t in the same physical space as you and even truly own the wealth they build (known as “non-fungible tokens”).
It is an immersive virtual world close to real life. The first version of the Valery World ecosystem “Navaland” will be launched soon. Until then, all our community members are welcome to join and have their own unique experiences.

The brand refresh opens up a new chapter for Mannheim. To meet the needs of different users, website version 2.16 uses simplified and interactive visual design and displays the most comprehensive content. This act represents an important step for the project and marks the beginning of a new era for our entire crypto community.

Mannheim firmly believes that blockchain technology is destined to change how traditional society works and build a new digital world. As Mark Zuckerberg, the CEO of Meta stated in his founder’s letter, the metaverse will be the “next chapter” of both the company and the internet.

To realize the metaverse people envision is exactly Mannheim’s mission. It is believed by many that in the near future, Mannheim will build a digital-reality metaverse ecosystem based on its mainnet performance.


Karen Izumi from Mannheim Foundation

Mail: [email protected]

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