MCCEX Exchange creates a top-level digital asset trading ecosystem


Introduction to MCCEX Exchange

MCCEX is an innovative blockchain-based digital currency trading platform built by the MCCU Digital Technology Foundation and technical teams such as blockchain, finance, and quantification. It aims to adopt excellent underlying system architecture and intelligent high-frequency matching algorithms. To create a more convenient and high value return digital currency transaction and financial management ecosystem for global users.

MCCEX is building the most secure, stable, and efficient digital currency international station for users around the world, providing the highest quality digital currency innovative financial transaction service experience. The self-developed matching system can process millions of transactions per second. In addition, to meet the diverse needs of users, in terms of digital currency transaction services, not only has developed an advanced matching system for currency transactions, but also opened safe and efficient C2C transaction services. It also prepared a diversified currency listing program for the project party, and used blockchain technology and token economic models for customers to build a continuous, transparent, low-friction, and non-discriminatory trading environment.

The MCCEX team members are all from top international scientific research institutions and blockchain technology development teams. While focusing on improving user experience, they continuously upgrade platform technology and improve the ecosystem, relying on value, and use scientific and efficient management and operation methods to accumulate and distribute and export this energy to the entire industry, and finally feedback the entire ecology through the empowered application, and finally form a cycle of empowerment and continuous growth.

In terms of the business layout of the exchange, MCCEX is based on currency trading and legal currency trading, with digital currency wealth management as a breakthrough, and gradually extends to the product trading ecosystem with full business coverage, and continues to empower existing exchange business model innovation. Connect and expand different transaction entities to build a highway of value network to meet the diversified needs of global users and save exchanges from scattered islands to achieve rapid circulation of information and value, as well as transaction speed and breadth Expansion.

MCCEX is committed to building the world’s leading digital currency transaction, ecological value transfer, digital currency financial management system and underlying blockchain application system, and through the platform token- MCUU, to change the existing encrypted digital token technology and application ecosystem, and expand the application and technical boundaries of blockchain technology enable ordinary Internet users to feel the value of blockchain technology. The vision of MCCEX is to build a platform that includes the underlying basic support of digital asset transactions and ecological applications, and provide blockchain support services for digital currency finance and digital economy; provide blockchain industry application solutions, and third parties can combine their own actual conditions, to formulate a reasonable application model of the token. Finally, build an MCCUX ecosystem, integrate industrial assets, and realize industry-finance docking services. Let the smart contracts of the blockchain be more practical and more in line with business rules, build a bridge from the real world to the blockchain world, and provide better support for financial services.  

MCCEX Exchange creates a top-level digital asset trading ecosystem

MCCU smart wallet

MCCU smart wallet is used for the storage, management, and transaction of digital assets. Users can not only fully control their digital assets, but also greatly reduce the threshold and management burden of digital tokens, effectively promoting the flexible application of digital assets. Through MCCU Smart wallet transactions will become the main electronic payment method for global cross-border payment users.

1 ) Asset management 

Through the MCCU smart wallet, it provides users with unified management of multi-blockchain assets, with local wallet, cloud wallet and transaction functions, and realizes the integration of asset management.

2 ) Multi-currency service 

The MCCEX system can uniformly manage multiple digital currencies at the same time. It not only supports the storage and management of mainstream assets such as Bitcoin and Ethereum, but also supports the standard protocols of smart contract platforms such as EOS, and rapidly increases the tokens issued based on each platform. Realize the integration of multiple digital asset management and reduce user operating costs. At the same time, it provides cloud wallet and local wallet, local wallet private key support; cloud wallet free transaction fees, real-time account, convenient for users to transfer money inside and outside the wallet.

3 ) The concept of dual storage on-chain and off-chain 

MCCEX upholds the core principles of the blockchain and provides digital currency storage solutions. Users hold wallet keys and all types of currencies and other address private key information. The platform does not touch user assets. At the same time, the MCCU smart wallet provides convenient and other key backup solutions-users only need to make a backup once, write down 12 mnemonic words, and save them in a safe place. Even if the types of digital currency are subsequently added, all types of digital currency assets can be restored with the backup of 12 mnemonics.

4 ) Multiple security verification 

In addition to allowing users to hold their own wallet keys and private keys, MCCU smart wallets also provide multi-signature technology guarantees and two-step authorization verification for digital asset management of different scales. In addition, users perform mobile phone verification codes, fingerprints, and fingerprints during transfer transactions. Verification methods such as face recognition ensure the security of digital currency assets in all aspects.

5 ) Dual wallet application 

For the convenience of users, MCCU Smart Wallet opens two wallet forms: cloud wallet and local wallet, and users can freely choose the wallet they need.

Cloud wallet: transfers between cloud users in seconds, without handling fees; the cloud keeps the private key, stores the user’s address and transaction records, and the wallet does not touch the user’s assets. The user can retrieve the cloud account through the authentication method of username, password, and face recognition.

Local wallet: users hold their own private keys, and their assets are more secure. Users can derive any number of sub-accounts (that is, sub-keys) through the master key to add multiple wallet addresses for each digital asset in the local wallet to facilitate asset separation.

MCCEX financial management system

The MCCEX financial management system includes multiple sectors including cryptocurrency holdings, interest generation, pledge lending, mining pools, and liquidity provision.

In terms of continuous interest generation, MCCEX will distribute the platform leveraged currency interest income to users based on the proportion of the user’s financial account currency. After the user transfers the idle assets to the wealth management account, he can enjoy the income brought by the wealth management account every day, and the interest is calculated daily, and there is no minimum deposit limit.

MCCEX pledge lending allows users to borrow idle tokens in Binance Bao to earn interest. During the token lending period, users can still participate in projects such as Launchpad to achieve both. MCCEX pledged lending will create continuous value for users who hold currencies. Users who participate in financial management can lend cryptocurrency assets, and can deposit and withdraw at any time according to their own actual conditions, redeem the principal, thereby reaping interest. Encrypted currency transactions can also increase digital currency assets.

In terms of mining pools, MCCEX will be launched as a mining ecosystem to realize the establishment of a closed-loop value. MCCEX financial services will all be open to mining pool users. MCCEX mining pools hope to achieve changes in the entire mining market through these aspects.

In terms of liquidity provision, MCCEX financial management supports the staking plan of multiple assets. By holding a certain token, users can obtain this token or another related token airdrop within a certain period of time, such as ETH, dot , Sushiswap Wait. The pool saving tailored for miners can also achieve 15% annualized BTC income. The data is considerable. MCCU holders can choose among the many products of MCCEX wealth management according to their own circumstances. At the same time, it also provides MCCU vault for MCCU holders.   

As one of the initiatives of innovative blockchain finance, the mission of MCCEX financial management is to provide users in the cryptocurrency industry with rich and high-yield financial products to help users get more benefits. At present, the advantages of MCCEX financial management in the market are obvious. It has the most abundant product types in the industry. It can ensure relatively stable income for users in the turbulent currency circle, and continue to escort user assets in the wind and rain.

Multiple technical guarantees

Protecting the security of users’ digital assets is the foundation of all trading platforms. Before understanding how to protect the security of encrypted digital currencies, we must first clarify the hidden dangers of digital currency security faced by exchanges, mainly in the following aspects:

1 ) New application of consensus mechanism 

The asymmetric encryption algorithm used in the blockchain may become more and more fragile with the development of mathematics, cryptography, and computing technology. Second, under the Bitcoin mechanism, the private key is stored in the user’s local terminal. If the user’s private key is stolen, it will still cause serious losses to the user’s funds.

The MCCEX exchange service platform protects users’ private keys from being stolen. It has a safe deposit box, a distributed custody strategy, and a private key 3 selection 2 open strategy. Regardless of each type of custody method, it must be very confidential, and one copy is guaranteed to be lost. Others have supplements.

2 ) New applications of smart contracts 

Like traditional programs, smart contracts will inevitably have security vulnerabilities. The difference is that due to the immutable nature of blockchain technology, once the contract is deployed, it is difficult to fix the problems. After the deployment of some token distribution contracts with vulnerabilities such as integer overflow, the tokens are traded on the exchange, and then the vulnerability is triggered. Many tokens are issued in a short period of time, which will affect the market value, which will cause a huge impact on the exchange and users. Economic loss.

In response to the security vulnerabilities of smart contracts, MCCEX exchange will go through a complete contract code security audit before launching new tokens to prevent problems before they occur and minimize possible attack threats.

3 ) Information system security 

The digital asset exchange is composed of web servers, back-end databases, and other elements. Users access the server as clients through browsers, mobile apps, and APIs provided by the exchange. Because the main threats are from server software vulnerabilities, improper configuration, DDoS attacks, server-side Web program vulnerabilities (including technical vulnerabilities and business logic flaws), office computer security issues, insider attacks, etc. 

For this kind of security threats, MCCEX refers to the security regulations and best practices of the traditional financial industry and combines its own conditions to improve the construction of the security system. Through security services such as penetration testing and code auditing, we can explore and repair the security vulnerabilities in the system, and ensure the security of user assets in mobile phone security, real-name authentication security, Google dual authentication security, server SLB balance and simultaneous backup.

MCCEX exchange ecology

The platform attracts fans’ attention to MCCEX by presenting and rewarding MCCU. In the MCCEX ecosystem, users who hold MCCU can enjoy a series of benefits such as MCCU token appreciation, commission deduction, asset appreciation, platform income rebates, supervision, voting, holding currency for interest, and diversified financial management. 

MCC EX rewards 51% of MCCU tokens to users who contribute to the liquidity of the system through liquidity mining, transaction mining and joint mining and other holding currency rebates. The platform repays the users of the MCCEX community through the mining incentive mechanism, and enjoys the rights and interests of the MCCEX community by holding MCCU .  

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