Keep your jewelry organized with this $20 travel case


If you’re an accessories kind of person, then you know that packing jewelry can prove to be a bit of a challenge — chains get tangled, earrings get stuck together, and worst of all, jewelry is easily lost when not packed securely.

Hence, the need for a safe, secure and packable jewelry carrying case. Not only does jewelry tend to carry monetary value, but it can also hold a lot of sentimental value, and losing it is never easy regardless of what kind of value it holds to you.

A lot of travel jewelry cases can be pretty bulky and don’t offer a ton of truly separate organizational compartments. The latter of which is key to preventing chains from tangling.

With all of this in mind, here’s why we think this jewelry storage book is an essential piece of travel gear for just $20.

Keep your jewelry safe and organized when you travel with this jewelry organizer from LingLingo. It has 80 interior pouches, so you can bring a ton of jewelry without worrying about losing or damaging anything.

There are so many cute jewelry cases out there, but it’s not until you travel with them that you realize how bulky they can be while also lacking organization.

Most of my jewelry has fine chains that easily tangle when mixed with others. And if you’ve ever attempted to untangle a necklace, you know how frustrating it can be.

I also like to bring a variety of jewelry so I can have plenty of options when it comes to accessorizing. The hard part about this is that it can be hard to pack it in a way where you don’t have to empty it all out just to see what you’ve got. And when you have to do that, you risk losing jewelry as it’s easy for an earring to stray away.

For just $20, the LingLingo Travel Jewelry Organizer offers a lot of protection for your valuables. Not only does it come with 80 individual compartments, but it also comes with 80 self-seal pouches that are waterproof, anti-oxidation and anti-tarnish, ensuring your jewelry stays in perfect condition while on the go.

Not only are these separate pouches great for keeping your jewelry tangle-free, but the binder-style book and clear pouches it a whole lot easier to see what all you’ve got. And that means no more digging through your jewelry bag to find the match to that one pair of earrings.

You can also remove and add binder sleeves as needed. If your jewelry is on the bulkier side, for example, you can remove a few sleeves so that the carrying case can still zip shut and keep your jewelry safe and secure.

Plus, this jewelry organizer is compact and lightweight, making it easy to pack for a longer trip or a quick weekend away. So if you’re a jewelry enthusiast, consider buying the LingLingo Travel Jewelry Organizer before your next trip.

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