JIN SHA Kong Gu Group Took $2 Billion Strategic Investment Initiative For Developing UAE Fintech Industry


With the continuous advancement of a new round of technological revolution and industrial transformation, the new economy is booming in many places around the world. Compared with traditional finance with bancassurance as the core in the industrial economy era, technology finance serving the new economy has completely different genes for new technologies, new models, new organizations, and new business forms that adapt to fission-type development.

JIN SHA Kong Gu Group, a large-scale international asset allocation management investment institution based in Dubai, UAE, is striving to deploy a smart economy in which innovative knowledge dominates knowledge and creative industries have become leading industries. At present, JIN SHA Kong Gu Group has successfully deployed nine major industrial sectors in the ASEAN region, and accumulated advantageous resources through deep cultivation of upstream and downstream industries. In view of this reproducible successful model, the strategic layout of the group’s business will gradually expand to regions with great potential such as the Middle East and North Africa.

At the beginning of 2021, JIN SHA Kong Gu Group began to deploy the technology and financial business section of the Middle East market. Digital industrialization is the foundation and source of power for the development of the digital economy.

In 2022, JIN SHA Kong Gu Group will use Dubai, UAE as its core, and invest $2 billion in entities and Internet industries in various fields such as finance, entertainment, e-commerce, and real estate in the UAE, and boost technology and finance to empower the entity industry. Integrate digital city construction and new economic industrial upgrading to create a comprehensive digital financial supporting system for the UAE and surrounding areas.

The “new economy” is a new economic phenomenon based on the information technology revolution and institutional innovation, and the phased characteristics of the business cycle have been significantly diluted. He is like a Rubik’s Cube, magically creating a huge amount of wealth, and also changing the rules of the world’s wealth distribution, reshuffling the world’s wealth.

In the era of the new economy, JIN SHA Kong Gu Group through phased transformations such as financial industrialization and industrial digitization, has extensively digitized urban infrastructure, 5G communication networks, smart transportation systems and other infrastructure projects, as well as government affairs, medical care, education and other national industries, and promoted industrial transformation. Integration and interconnection, connecting traditional industries with financial engines and “digital wings”, and earnestly promoting the digitalization of UAE government industries。

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