Intrepid Pioneers-The Navigator in the GAMEFI field


As we all know, the concept of GAMEFI(make money while you play) reverberated throughout the blockchain industry in 2021, with many startups and platforms thriving on this boom and witnessing the explosive growth of GAMEFI. In 2022, Gamefi is still riding the wave with huge development space.

Intrepid Pioneers definition:

Intrepid Pioneers is creating a decentralized platform, for those who want to help build the metauniverse through gold, games, mining and other opportunities to make money, and in the player participation in the platform project to ensure the safety of player assets, on the online platform cooperation project to standardize, rectify the problem of chain games easy to fade way. Give players a safe game environment!

Intrepid Pioneers established a new anonymous, transparent and fair digital trading platform by benchmarking STEM.

IP, as the unique token of the platform, can be used for gold mining in every game on the platform or directly pledge mining in the platform. The reason why Intrepid Pioneers chose stem and entered the public view with the new model of Play To Earn this time is To attract more mainstream game players and capital influx, among which each “gold guild” is one of the most important core elements and business models in the field of meta-universe. It can not only optimize the revenue strategy of players and, but also promote the continuous evolution and development of the chain game and union industry.

Intrepid Pioneers business model:

1. Players earn revenue by playing games launched on the platform;

2. Integrating game and player data, Intrepid Pioneers provided additional income for players by analyzing the performance of ID account;

3.Intrepid Pioneers cooperated with game developers to provide early investment opportunities for NFT assets or tokens of new games. The amount of allocation was decided according to the level and participation of players on the Platform.

4. Holders of Intrepid Pioneers can gain profits by pledging on the platform and participate in the metauniverse game.

Intrepid Pioneers strong business empire:

Intrepid Pioneers all game partners can be found at There are currently two upcoming blockchain-based games

For all Intrepid Pioneers platform players to provide efficient, high quality and safe games, experience feeling are great!

Intrepid Pioneers Recent development plan:

With the growth of the team, Intrepid Pioneers has made great progress in various fields and is currently developing a variety of products, including its own game development

Intrepid Pioneers not only did a good job on the quality improvement and audit of its own platform, but also will continue to increase investment in promising companies, and continue to establish a good cooperative relationship inside and outside the blockchain industry. In the future, users can look forward to more products to further develop the Intrepid Pioneers ecosystem and brand.

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