Hutou, the new metaverse platform, has great news


After 3 years of foreshadowing and development, Hutou Token has exceeded 10 times its launch. Now the project party has taken out 2 million Hutou Tokens and solemnly launched pledge mining, with a minimum monthly rate of 20%, allowing more users to enjoy continuous dividend income. . There is no fee for players to enter and exit. Withdraw earnings in real time! Our ultimate goal is $1 million a piece! We need you to be willing to participate, have the ability, have a consensus, and move forward all the way. We and you are even more powerful!
Hutou is a blockchain digital asset and application focusing on the blockchain application ecology (including Defi, NFT, the new metaverse ecology, chain games, public chain cold wallets, cross-chain payments, decentralized exchanges, etc.) platform, and provides a series of computing power mining services, the purpose is to make it very convenient for people to carry out asset digitization business, not only to create native tokens on the blockchain. Hutou has formed a large and creative community, which can not only meet the requirements of decentralization, but also have better anonymity. The beautiful ideals that are impossible to achieve in the world are completed on the blockchain. Create an interconnected blockchain ecosystem based on NFT and Metaverse, realize virtual and network interconnection, and make network connections more relevant and valuable by combining people, processes, data and things.
Hutou will plan five ecological sectors:

  1. DeFi (Decentralised Finance) decentralized finance: DeFi mining, including burning mining, mortgage mining, liquidity mining, etc.
  2. DeFi+AI AGGREGATOR: DeFi intelligent aggregator, DeFiAI is a digital asset AI intelligent trading platform, which can use AI artificial intelligence to achieve differentiated trading strategies, intelligent custody execution, third-party embedded services, and API-based services for different DeFi product characteristics. Key configuration strategy to achieve intelligent automatic trading;
  3. The full name of NFT is Non-FungibleToken (non-fungible token) application;
  4. Metaverse: virtual identity casting, chain tour, blind box, game mining, private chat, on-chain red envelopes, mall;
  5. Blockchain application platform: public chain, cold wallet, and decentralized Swap (exchange) platform.
    In the future, while developing the Hutou Metaverse ecosystem in an all-round way, Hutou Token will start the global genesis community fission plan, and continue to make efforts in DApp ecology, cross-chain technology, landing applications, compliance development, community expansion, etc., to promote sustainable development. strategy, and continue to expand the global territory.
    Special Note: The project party does not have a single token in hand! It all relies on the mechanism + consensus to kill all market mechanisms, achieve a spiral upward pattern, and truly participate in the Tiger Head Token, and there will be no more leeks in the currency circle!
    Look for the official unique contract address: 0x6f5dacca4ffc0ba80f1755a6b271d81c2b2e07b1

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