Green Finance Collaboration: PLN And Export Finance Australia Empower Indonesia’s Energy Transition


PT PLN (Persero) is exploring green financing support cooperation with the Export Finance Australia (EFA) company, to support the acceleration of the energy transition in Indonesia. This exploration was marked by the signing of a memorandum of understanding (MoU) between both parties at the PLN Head Office, South Jakarta.


PLN President Director Darmawan Prasodjo said that this memorandum of understanding marks the beginning of financing support and increasing the capacity of PLN employees to develop renewable energy projects. According to him, this financial support is important to accelerate the energy transition program in the country. One of them is able to reduce greenhouse gas (GHG) emissions by 29% by 2030 and achieve Net Zero Emissions (NZE) by 2060.

”Thank you very much for working side by side with PLN to reduce the impact of climate change. “This agreement is very important to support the improvement of renewable energy infrastructure, energy efficiency and the development of green technology in Indonesia in order to achieve Net Zero Emissions (NZE) by 2060 or sooner,” said Darmawan.


Darmawan said that PLN and EFA have the same commitment to providing clean and environmentally friendly energy. In this way, greenhouse gas emissions can be reduced, and environmental sustainability is maintained.

“We have agreed to establish close cooperation in accelerating the energy transition in Indonesia. “In the process, I said to the team, let’s maintain a conducive ecosystem, with a spirit of togetherness, so that we can take advantage of every opportunity that presents itself to achieve Net Zero Emissions (NZE) by 2060,” concluded Darmawan.

Export Finance Australia (EFA) CEO John Hopkins said that this agreement would bring great benefits in efforts to reduce circulating carbon emissions not only for Indonesia but also globally. Apart from that, John is optimistic that this agreement will strengthen the position of bilateral relations between Indonesia and Australia.

“The signing of this MoU is a concrete step in supporting Indonesia’s energy transition steps. “This is also an important milestone in bilateral cooperation between Indonesia and Australia for the sustainable energy sector,” said John.

John said that this agreement was also a follow-up step between Australian Prime Minister Anthony Norman Albanese and President Joko Widodo at the annual leaders’ meeting last July. He also hopes that his party can continue to work with PLN in green financing to support the energy transition in Indonesia.

“We hope to continue working together on financing packages to support operational improvements in reducing emissions, and increasing the use of new and renewable energy to support Indonesia’s achievement of Net Zero Emissions by 2060,” concluded John.

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