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Jalen Hurts won’t say how he got hurt.

But he’s more than happy to say how he didn’t get hurt.

He didn’t get hurt running.

“I don’t know that I’ve ever been banged up as a runner,” Hurts said Wednesday. “Everything (has) come from within the pocket, in which the illusion or the narrative is that you run the ball more (you’re more likely to get hurt). That’s not always the case. Not here.”

Hurts was clearly less than 100 percent when he was on the move Sunday in the Eagles’ big national TV win over the Dolphins at the Linc, but he still had one of his best games of the season with 279 passing yards, 74 percent completion percentage, two TDs passing and another rushing and one INT, returned for a touchdown.

Hurts wouldn’t say much about the injury, but Nick Sirianni said he anticipates Hurts playing in Washington on Sunday afternoon.

The Eagles didn’t list Hurts at all on their Wednesday injury report. Because the Eagles held a walkthrough, the injury report is an estimation of how a player would be listed in a full practice.

“We’re confident that he’ll be ready to go, but any time these guys are working through pain and things like that (you’re not sure). We anticipate him to go, but that doesn’t mean it’s easy.

“I think he’s feeling better. We’re hopeful there will be no limitations on Sunday.”

In other words, no way he’s missing this game.

Hurts is notoriously reticent to talk about – or even acknowledge – injuries. But he did say the knee affected him on Sunday.

“Being banged up, it’s just trying to find ways to win,” he said. “I don’t want to make it bigger than what it is. I think it’s something that comes with every player in this league. Things happen and you find ways to overcome them.”

This is the third straight year Hurts has dealt with a significant injury. In 2021, he hurt his ankle in a Week 12 loss to the Giants, and although he only missed one game, he was never close to 100 percent after that and needed offseason surgery.

Last year, Hurts suffered a sprained shoulder in a Week 15 game against the Bears and missed two games. Since the middle of 2021, the Eagles are 

Since Week 13 of the 2021 season, the Eagles are 23-2 when Hurts plays and 0-3 when he doesn’t. 

He knows everybody in the organization is looking for him to play every week no matter what he’s going through.

“I don’t think I always realize the role and the impact that I have on that,” he said. “Because I’m just going out there literally trying to be the best version of myself and uplift the people around me. And that’s just in my spirit and who I am. 

“It’s not something that I really want to talk about because … the show will go on. And so we all go out there and we fight for one another. We play hard for one another. And we’ve all got the same common goal. And so we just kind of keep it at that.”

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