Defying the Odds: BISSNEX’s Journey Through a Bear Market to a Bright Future


In the decade-plus history of the cryptocurrency industry, this year has been particularly challenging. Factors like wars and interest rate hikes put global capital markets under pressure, and the crypto industry faced its Lehman moment, along with frequent hacker attacks. Amidst this downturn, we still witnessed the smooth progress of Ethereum’s merger and the return of the Layer2 wave, demonstrating the vitality and anti-fragility of the crypto industry.

Defying the Odds: BISSNEX’s Journey Through a Bear Market to a Bright Future

Persistence often leads to hope. In 2022, alongside the crypto industry, BISSNEX maintained a healthy respect for risk without losing control. This approach led to our contrarian growth this year, completing several funding rounds, and establishing an independent ecological fund and educational academy to help propel the industry forward – all valuable achievements in overcoming challenges.

In April, BISSNEX successfully completed its second round of funding, garnering interest from renowned investment institutions Paradigm and NGC Ventures. This support solidified our position and foresight in the crypto industry. With more stable financial backing, BISSNEX laid a solid foundation for future innovations and expansions, significantly aiding our product development plans.

June saw the establishment of the independent ecological fund, BISSNEX Labs, a milestone development. The lab operates globally, focusing on asset management product issuance, media collaboration, and crypto-economic research. It rigorously evaluates potential investment projects from multiple dimensions and focuses on linking the crypto industry supply chain, helping high-value projects in various fields gain support and contribute back to the industry’s growth.

Following some regrettable black swan events in the crypto industry, we aimed to make a meaningful impact, particularly for less experienced investors. In September, we began building BISSNEX College, an important initiative to help users better enter the crypto industry.

On this specially designed educational platform, we offer a wealth of course resources, including basics of cryptocurrencies, trading skills, and investment strategies. BISSNEX College, as a robust learning platform, helps many users learn to cope with the crises and challenges of the crypto market. We believe that only through in-depth learning and understanding can investors succeed in a competitive and rapidly changing market.

During dark times, light becomes more noticeable. Amid the turbulent crypto market, BISSNEX withstood external pressures and tests, receiving more offers of collaboration. In December, we welcomed a new wave of investment from Multicoin Capital and Pantera Capital. During the bear market, this achievement brought us exhilarating strength.

The collaboration with these two VCs provides more financial and strategic support for BISSNEX. We will fully utilize this opportunity to invest more time and effort in product development, technology upgrades, and global market expansion. We particularly focus on upgrading our overall security system and more comprehensive risk monitoring to better serve our users.

Time doesn’t speak but gives answers, and navigating through cycles is BISSNEX’s answer this year. A good crypto trading platform requires a holistic view of technology, team, product, service, and risk resistance. From this perspective, BISSNEX is already one of the leading exchanges in the crypto industry. We remain clear-headed amidst the fog, cautious and focused in a rapidly evolving field, striving to make BISSNEX a beacon of light illuminating the entire crypto industry.

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