Cregis Shines at Dubai’s Blockchain Life 2023, Garnering Praise from Attendees


On the first day of the Blockchain Life 2023 held in Dubai, Festival Arena, Cregis found our regular clients and many curious newcomers eager to learn about Cregis. Cregis has successfully updated the brand and provided more product features as a Web3 infrastructure service, resulting in enhanced security, user-friendliness, collaborative features, and high-concurrency performance.

Cregis Shines at Dubai’s Blockchain Life 2023, Garnering Praise from Attendees

Positioned as a payment settlement infrastructure, Cregis distinguishes itself from traditional wallets. For the past six years, Cregis has been committed to delivering secure and efficient enterprise-level Web3 SaaS, catering to businesses, teams, projects, and individuals. This unique positioning and the product’s strength made Cregis a standout attraction at Blockchain Life 2023, capturing more attention.

Empowering Web3 self-custody safety with enriched features 

Cregis offers both Single-sign and Multi-sign wallet modes. The Single-sign mode is tailored for users looking to retain control over their Web3 assets, with a super administrator holding 100% ownership. In contrast, Multi-sign is designed for collaborative asset management, accommodating the diverse collaboration needs of team members. 

Furthermore, Cregis provides set multiple roles and permission controls, allowing users to customize member roles and permissions, facilitating seamless team collaboration.

Additionally, MPC is also built into the Cregis platform. Add with TSS, TEE, and a process-driven interaction design to ensure the utmost security in MPC shards allocation, execution, and signing processes. The ability to reset MPC shards anytime and anywhere empowers team administrators to safeguard against internal misconduct proactively.

The Cregis platform boasts robust financial management features, allowing individualized operational permissions to be set for each employee, enabling efficient and secure collaborative asset management. This functionality also opens the door to serving customers directly (B2B2C), bridging the transition from Web2 to Web3 and expanding the Web3 application ecosystem. 

Cregis has demonstrated a safety track record over six years, enabling it to fully harness the potential of cryptographic cutting-edge technology in self-custody service. Combining multi-wallet modes, MFA account authentication, permission controls, MPC shards, and cryptographic technology makes uncompromising Web3 assets self-custody a reality.

Enhanced Web3 management and collaboration functions

The Cregis boasts robust financial management and collaboration functions, allowing operational permissions to be set for each employee, enabling efficient and secure collaborative asset management. This set of features also allows our clients to serve their own customers better directly (B2B2C), which could narrow the gap from Web2 to Web3 and potentially expanding the Web3 ecosystem. 

Cregis streamlines manual transaction processes, initiation, and confirmations while minimizing risks and errors. It facilitates the delegation of financial approvals and payment signing permissions to specialized team members, with customizable approval workflows and reconciliation features. 

Cregis also offers features like batch address creation, asset operations, transaction identification, notification, and high-risk address recognition, significantly enhancing efficiency for B2B users and empowering C-End users. 

Moreover, In the Future, Cregis plans to introduce additional services, including smart contract account deployment and DApp integration, to meet diverse Web3 asset collaboration and management needs.

High-frequency concurrency commercial-grade Web3 Infrastructure 

Over the past year, Cregis has been involved in an average daily on-chain transaction processing volume of $30 million, with peak daily on-chain transactions reaching $900 million. We serve over 800 continuous paying clients worldwide, with more than 3,000 active users. However, in a potential market of approximately 1 billion users, Cregis is only beginning. 

Cregis firmly believes that an open and decentralized network is the bedrock of the next generation of the Internet(Web3), and its impact will extend to a significant portion of the world’s population. Consequently, the value created, stored, and transmitted on Web3 is projected to be in the trillions of dollars. 

Leveraging our extensive experience in high concurrency, security, and user needs, Cregis aspires to become an indispensable settlement payment infrastructure within this Web3 landscape.

Cregis eagerly anticipates the second day of Blockchain Life 2023 and welcomes more Web3 colleagues, experts, enthusiasts, and attendees to visit our S6 booth at Festival Arena.

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