BFEX Exchange is committed to building an exchange that returns to the spirit of blockchain


BFEX Exchange is committed to establishing a first-class global digital currency allocation platform, in addition to trading functions, to provide users with more asset allocation functions.

Leading Exchange introduced the traditional financial high-frequency and low-latency transaction matching system as the core of the bottom layer, flexibly docked with the Internet , financial applications, and blockchain application wallet engines, and adopted a multi-layer and multi-module architecture design with high flexibility and scalability to ensure the system Meanwhile stability, security, improve system performance, provides hot-swap capability set of different modules to ensure maximum BFEX Exchange users trading experience, and to BFEX the exchange of retained vision for the future with more expansion the possibility for the BFEX Exchange to provide more quality investment services.

The BFEX Exchange portfolio management system follows the investment philosophy of diversification and risk diversification. According to the user’s personal risk preference, user behavior and the performance of various digital currencies, it intelligently mines the best digital currency for users from big data Asset allocation combination is for users to refer to and make decisions, so that users’ funds can be allocated to multiple types of digital currency assets scientifically.

BFEX Exchange uses a multi-signature offline cold wallet to protect users’ digital assets. The cold wallet is created and stored in an offline environment isolated from the external network, using hardware media to sign the asset transfer operations on the blockchain offline, preventing hackers and other criminals from stealing digital assets stored in the cold wallet through network means.

In addition, the BFEX Exchange cold wallet mechanism of multiple signatures transfer of assets management, from cold wallet withdrawals subject to audit managers and their multi-channel corresponding to the private key signature to effectively block the broadcast chain to ensure the safety of all users of assets.

The entire interaction between the BFEX Exchange website and users is encrypted to protect user privacy from being hijacked and monitored. The interaction between the official website of BFEX Exchange and users is encrypted throughout the entire process to protect user privacy from being hijacked and monitored. BFEX Exchange online service will be deployed in separate data centers, the use of city-active and off-site disaster recovery Yung disaster infrastructure, protect the security service stability. The industry’s advanced intrusion detection and defense system, anti-DDoS attack plan, Web firewall, role- only access control and other technical means are used to defend against hacker attacks to ensure core data security. The back-end system automatically conducts daily asset financial audits and monitors the abnormal status of the ledger in real time, and detects any possible hacker attacks in time.

Important operations such as user login and initiating asset transfers of BFEX Exchange require double or multiple authentications. Our important operations such as user login and initiating asset transfers require double or multiple authentications. The system will use TOTP and more advanced U2F and other technical means to perform multiple authentications, and gradually increase the support of hardware security devices.

BFEX Exchange is committed to building an exchange that returns to the spirit of blockchain

Function Introduction

1 . High-performance matching engine

The trading system of BFex Exchange adopts distributed parallel technology, which can be expanded at any time with the increase of trading volume. The front end introduces traffic through load balancing, splits the load balance according to different services, and calls different load balances according to different service flows, so that different services can be expanded as much as possible. Meanwhile, the inlet flow rate can be dynamically configured, when a traffic load balancing pressure cannot afford the force, the subsequent traffic is transferred to another load balancing, do dynamic expansion. The gateway cluster and business cluster built by cloud servers can achieve parallel expansion and hot expansion. Memory matching, unified platform order matching, 50,000 + tps per transaction pair. The powerful memory matching engine ensures high concurrent transactions.

2. System security

BFEX Exchange adopts an advanced multi-level system structure of network, application, host and data. The network layer prevents DDoS attacks, the application layer provides basic protection, the host layer can effectively prevent brute force cracking, and the data layer provides encryption services. Ensure the operating experience of end users and ensure the safety of users’ property. Entrance through traffic load balancing to achieve stability; gateway layer load balancing by monitoring and self-monitoring of multiple sets of machines, when there is a service publication, by both load balancing script monitoring, on some machines do offline operation, when service on the line and then the flow rate is turned on to these machines, so that the flow rate and heat transfer; modular service through the service layer, when the pressure increases the amount of traffic, can add dynamic machine to achieve high stability.

3. Good spot, contract and option liquidity

Provide the best quotation for mainstream currency pairs, the lowest spreads, and the fastest hedging; provide active trading and continuous K-line for platform currencies; know the liquidity of multiple currency pairs and obtain any 2 currencies composition the liquidity of the currency pair. Provide professional liquidity quantification, multiple liquidity strategies, intelligent risk control early warning and other products and services, which can achieve event-driven millisecond response. Professional hedging strategy allows the exchange to manage its positions flexibly. Mechanisms apply to the mobility of scenes, according to the actual situation, the number of custom Handicap, reducing less risk.

7. High-quality financial management system

Digital currency current and regular financial management, interest rate, lock-in period and other parameters can be set, and user assets can be maintained or stably increased in value through a low-risk method to meet user investment needs. The main recommendation is to borrow money to earn interest, which is mutually beneficial and win-win.

8. Margin trading system

Spot leveraged trading system, bidding trading mechanism, and spot trading share the depth of the market, providing users with medium and short-term loan capital turnover support, and the risk prevention mechanism ensures zero loss on the platform. Borrow coins through the platform, over-allocate assets, and leverage up to 5 times. Provide third-party and custom two kinds of K-line, technical analysis and line drawing tools, support strategy commission and condition commission, support API. Each loan will be audited by the system to promptly remind users of high leverage and heavy losses , and force liquidation when necessary

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