A new picture of digital performing arts – Shineup Live.China Digital Performing Arts Service Platform Debuts at China (Nanjing) Integration Achievement Fair


From the 21st to the 23rd of October, 2021 China (Nanjing) Culture and Science and Technology Integration Achievements Exhibition and Trade Fair will be held in Nanjing International Exhibition Center. It is understood that during the Fair, 15 industry forums will be held, more than 20 new product launches and quality product promotions, and a total of 608 exhibitors will attend.


Five sections of the “Digitalization of Cultural Industries” are presented


This year’s cultural science and technology integration fair actively responds to the deployment of the “Fourteen Five Plan” in the exhibition area setting, serves the national “Cultural Industry Digitalization” strategy, establishes the “marker” of cultural science and technology integration and build the “compass” of cultural industry digitalization.


To promote the deep integration of digital economy and cultural industry, this year’s organizers will set up five sections of exhibition area: typical application scenarios of cultural technological integration; the results of national culture and science and technology integration, the results of the construction of the red gene pool, the exhibition area of the results of the national cultural big data regional center and the exhibition area of the digitalization of cultural industry.


The Fair will focus on the digital transformation needs of broadcasting; film and television; animation and games; performing arts and entertainment; cultural tourism and other related industries. Gathering motion capture, cloud rendering, virtual reality, big data analysis, blockchain confirmation, artificial intelligence distribution, Internet communication and other industry frontier applications, showcasing and trading new technologies, new products and new generation solutions on site.


Shineup Live launched “Cloud Theater” and “5G Digital Theater” to help the innovation of performance arts industry and digital upgrading of traditional theaters.


As one of the most characteristic exhibition areas of the five exhibition panels, the “Cloud Theater” and “5G Digital Theater” launched by Yangzhou Shineup Live is worth looking forward to. Shineup Live Yangzhou Ltd. was established in 2016, and is now a well-known digital performing arts project solution provider within the industry. As a representative enterprise of “culture+technology” in Yangzhou, the company will showcase its core products in Yangzhou’s exhibition hall.


At this exhibition, visitors not only get to experience Shineup Live’s “Cloud Theater” terminal system, understand a multi-terminal audience-oriented “performing arts cloud”, but also get to feel the first 5G digital theater designed and built by Shineup Live.China – the wonderful interpretation of Zhangjiagang City South Cultural and Sports Center.


“Cloud Theatre” is developed by Shineup Live, which embodies the integration of 5G technology and performing arts, and disseminates stage art content to a wider audience through digitalization. The Cloud Theatre Live (CTL) product provides theaters with on-demand and live HD digital productions that meet screening standards, serves offline audiences, reduces traditional performance operating costs and ticket prices, improves theater utilization and revenue capacity, promotes the transformation and upgrading of traditional theaters, and leads the new cultural consumption model.


“5G Digital Theater” is based on 5G transmission technology,  traditional theater as the background, utilizing the structure of 4K / 8K ultra-HD, VR immersive content acquisition system, intelligent pick-up, edit and broadcast system, cloud distribution, AI, big data operation system all in one for a digital, intelligent and modern theater application and experience. Through the intelligent theater operation system built on the platform of “Performing Arts Cloud”, the traditional theater will be given new functions and new business models.


Relying on the intelligent theater to explore the construction of digital performing arts distribution platform and ultra-HD digital performance content production base, using digital technology to explore and innovate both the upstream and downstream of the performance industry production chain, will be a viable attempt for performing arts content to enter thousands of households utilizing the power of technology.

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