2020-2021Annual Blockchain Industry Summit Ceremony ended successfully in Shenzhen


On January 19, the 2020-2021 blockchain Industry Summit ceremony, which was jointly sponsored by ISC, HotChain Media, Golden Finance and coin world, Huaxia Institute of Industrial Economics, Chainup and ETV, and jointly sponsored by Orcoin pool, kinghash and Lotus, ended successfully in Shenzhen.

2020-2021Annual Blockchain Industry Summit Ceremony ended successfully in Shenzhen

Beginning of the meeting, Guo Shiquan, vice president and researcher of Huaxia Institute of Industrial Economics, Executive Deputy Secretary General of Beijing private science and Technology Promotion Association and Secretary General of Standardization Committee, delivered a speech on exploration. The application of “blockchain industry” in the field of people’s livelihood actively promotes the application of blockchain technology in pension, precision poverty alleviation, medical health, commodity anti-counterfeiting, food safety, public welfare, social assistance and other fields, so as to provide more intelligent, convenient and high-quality public services for the people.We should promote the combination of the underlying technical services of blockchain and the construction of new smart city, explore the promotion and application in the fields of information infrastructure, intelligent transportation, energy and power, and improve the intelligent and accurate level of urban management.

Jinse Financial CEO Xinxin An delivered the keynote speech of “future development trend of blockchain industry”, focusing on reviewing the 2020 blockchain industry, summarized the development trend of blockchain industry through five themes of “competition and upgrading of public chain”, “more and more prosperity of decentralized ecology”, “diversified transformation of mining industry”, “new pattern of trading market” and “transformation of user form”, and made suggestions. It indicates that the threshold of blockchain industry will be higher and higher, and the industry ecology will be more and more prosperous.

Maggie Lin, president of kinghash , delivered a keynote speech on “the future of mining of filecoin”.She said that the application market of IPFS is huge, and its main network filecoin has been widely respected since it was launched. Although there are many doubts, the prospect of filecoin is still very huge. At the same time, compared with BTC and ETH mining, the analysis shows that the future of filecoin mining is very promising, and no more solutions are provided for filecoin mining.

Tracy Deng, the COO of ISC Asia Pacific region, shared the keynote speech “fusion of insurance industry on the chain” and delivered a keynote speech in the field of insurance and finance of blockchain industry. She said that blockchain + is not only a technological upgrade, but also a comprehensive change in the way of social organization, cooperation and distribution.

The conference entered the signing ceremony. The HotChain Media has served hundreds of blockchain enterprises, provided comprehensive solutions for blockchain, and jointly participated in accelerating the incubation of blockchain industry. It has professional value input in promoting the development of blockchain technology. In order to better integrate industrial resources and serve the blockchain industry, Huaxia Industrial Economics Research Institute and HotChain Media have reached an agreement strategic cooperation, signed a contract on the spot, announced the formal establishment of Huaxia Industrial Economics Research Institutes blockchain Research Promotion Center, officially opened the prelude to the strategic cooperation between Huaxia Industrial Economics Research Institute and HotChain Media, marking a new journey of friendly cooperation between the two sides, and presented the first batch of excellent cooperation certificates to Jinse Finance, ISC insurance chain, Lotus University and Chainup on the spot. As a unit certificate, the four are the first batch of cooperative units to participate in the promotion center, and the future cooperation will also achieve more brilliant results!

Long Fei, chief lecturer of Lotus business school, shared “Lotus promotes the new era of encrypted asset trading”. He said that with the participation of large institutions such as DBS Bank, cryptocurrency began to get the attention of the capital market, the trend of asset financialization on the chain is becoming increasingly significant, and the encrypted asset trading market will enter a new era. Lotus realizes dual core with “contract insurance + consensus community”Ecological integration, providing rich ecological application scenarios and providing users with diversified encryption asset trading services will boost the high-quality development of encryption asset trading industry.

President Chi Junjie, President of ETV Ether University, delivered a keynote speech entitled “hot spot of blockchain, together building ecological myth of mining industry”. The development history of blockchain of ETV ether University elaborated the concepts and applications from cryptography to distributed storage, consensus mechanism, and intelligent contract.

In the round table forum “exploration and Prospect: the development trend of blockchain industry in 2021”, presided over by Pei Qingyang, the business director of coin world, Summer, the business representative of ISC Asia Pacific region, said that DeFi is expected to become a truly open inclusive finance, which will usher in a major technological breakthrough in two years, integrate more closely with the real economy, reshape the value Internet, and the supervision will become more and more important Standardization and legalization.Q Jie, the representative of Lotus China, said that the layout of blockchain business by traditional financial institutions is a new development milestone for the digital money market.Joy Lee, person in charge of Chainup group in Shenzhen, said that the blockchain industry is developing rapidly.

At the round table forum “mining world Wizard: deciphering the new mining track in 2021”, Su minjie, co-founder of reverse entropy technology, asked three senior mining guests questions respectively.DMEX CPO will said that with the benefit sharing and risk control balance of mining industry becoming more and more obvious, the commercialization of computing power and low threshold joint mining are expected to become the mainstream.Fang Yunhao, co-founder of Kaiyuan mining pool, said that institutionalization is not necessarily the future trend of mining industry. Capital is still in the dominant position. Chunge, founder of chain trust capital and early investor of ETV, said that the mining industry is the evergreen tree of the blockchain industry. The mining industry will gradually integrate with the real economy and enable the real economy.

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