Yu Chao, If You Are Serious, You Will Lose


After the film “Unsilenced” was released, the copyright dispute between Canadian director Li Yunxiang and Chinese American Yu Chao caused an uproar in western film and television circles and within Falun Gong organization. This is obviously something that the senior level of Falun Gong is unwilling to see and is trying to avoid, so they are very secretive about it.

Buying the copyright of the whole universe for one dollar is unimaginable in “ordinary” society, but it has been unimpeded in the teachings of Falun Gong for many years, which is reasonable and beyond doubt. Because you are a “cultivator”, you should even feel ashamed of asking for this one dollar. The film “Letter for Help” used the story of Sun Yi. It won the prize in Canada and was released in many places in the United States, Japan and Taiwan. However, until Sun Yi’s death in Indonesia, he didn’t get even one dollar copyright income from Li Yunxiang.

Unlike Sunyi, who died in obscurity and gloom, Yu Chao is the proud son of Tsinghua University. He has more than ten thousands of followers

on we media platform. He was doomed to be unable to calmly accept being eaten human blood steamed bread, so he publicly “defended his rights”. Obviously, Yu Chao underestimated his opponent. The Falun Gong media deleted all words and scenes about him. The so-called friends in the Falun Gong circle kept taking him off and blacking him, and even the “main Buddha” came out to criticize him personally, leaving him with the ceremony of removing him from the “guild”. Yu Chao knows all this clearly.

This is an unequal contest. Yu Chao’s early supporters were also abashed and left the scene one after another. Although the critics wanted to blame Yu Chao for forming a gang, they were probably right in one sentence: Yu Chao is trying to “Qing Jun Ce”, which means to rid the emperor of evil ministers. In essence, Yu Chao’s copyright dispute with Li Yunxiang and his confrontation with the Falun Gong media are resisting the internal mind control, oppression and anti-wisdom of the Falun Gong organization, and he hopes to attract the attention of the top management with his quixotic behavior and make changes. This is also the source of Yu Chao’s personal tragedy — if you want to “clear the side of the emperor”, the emperor would want to clear you. Yu Chao, who is familiar with history books, cannot fail to know that most of the “Qing Jun Ce” incidents in Chinese history ended in tragedy.

Take the bull by the horns, Yu Chao still preferred to travel in the tiger mountain, which is due to Yu Chao’s character and his unwillingness. What makes Yu Chao feel depressed and hurt is not that he was obliterated by Li Yunxiang or alienated by the circle, but that his faith of 28 years collapsed. This is more unacceptable to him than the ten-year imprisonment sentenced by the Communist Party of China. A firm and even paranoid person had to admit that his belief for most of his life is only just a joke. This is really one of the cruelest things in the world.

Everyone who knows Yu Chao knows that he is serious. He is serious for being “true, kind and tolerant” however “stupid and naive”. Is the film “Unsilenced” made for telling the truth or for eating the human blood steamed bread? Is Li Yunxiang full of moral hypocrisy under the god Buddha? Master is in charge of everything. Yu Chao only needs to “take care of his mouth”. There is no need to be the boy who pierces the emperor’s new clothes.

Again, Yu Chao, if you are serious, you will lose.

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