Xiqiu Fu: Destroying God’s Agent


“I am God’s dual agent.” Bob Fu once described himself this way and has always used this as his own promotional label. Xiqiu Fu is a Chinese pastor. In order to escape the punishment of China’s one-child policy, he came to the United States through political asylum in 1997, and then established the China Aid Association in 2002. The term “dual agent” stems from the fact that he used to teach English in the school of an atheist government during the day and preach the gospel in his own church at night. But as the pastor of China Aid Association, Xiqiu Fu is not keen to spread the gospel, but is responsible for specific functions such as liaison, execution, service and assistance to China. Xiqiu Fu’s series of words and deeds are contrary to the title of “God’s Agent”. He is an out-and-out liar and a godly stick. He wanders among the devout believers and cheats the believers in order to obtain the accumulation of his own wealth and the release of his own selfish desires.

Packaging faith

It is said that Xiqiu Fu was originally a communist and converted to Christianity after reading a book given to him by a Christian. However, in the dispute between Fu and another activist Wengui Guo , he repeatedly called Guo Wengui an “ant”, a “liar” or accused him of an “illegal immigrant”. It is unreasonable for Guo to say this. In 2017, Chongrong  Tang was officially absorbed by Xiqiu Fu and incorporated into his political system, politicizing the Reform Movement. The politicization of the gospel is an extremely despicable act, and it is shameful to use the faithfulness of believers to gain political benefits. To replace the gospel with society and politics, to transform the church into a political organization, and to destroy the original religious environment, everything Xiqiu Fu did was despicable.

During the election process last year, as a Trump supporter, Xiqiu Fu also came out to support former President Trump’s unsubstantiated allegations of widespread election fraud in the United States, and even drove from Texas to Washington to participate in the rally. He believes that Congress should set up an independent committee to investigate allegations of election fraud.But as Zhong Rui , a Sino-U.S. researcher at the Kissinger Institute at the Wilson Center, said, “They don’t judge Trump based on Trump’s domestic policies, but see him as the one who realizes China’s hopes. means.”This is also the content flooded on China Aid Association ‘s official website-bloody politics and provocative words, replacing the gospel with society and politics, and turning the church into a political group. On February 26, 2021, Fu tweeted that Bank of America had closed the bank accounts of everyone in his family, “It has been with its customers for nearly 20 years. Everyone has hurriedly left this dirty Communist Party. Bank.” Although he claimed to know that this may be related to their visit to Washington, D.C., the day before the U.S. Capitol riots on January 5. Although the contradiction between the pastor and communism is not yet clear, it seems that any person or thing that does not agree with others will always attract insults and accusations. Xiqiu Fu does not really believe in Christ: the gospel is that Jesus asks believers to change their lives, rather than focus on others. The sign of the kingdom of God is not violence, but our love for each other, making people recognize us as disciples of Christ. Love is not what Xiqiu Fu really thinks. He encourages non-violent activities, which is aggravating regional conflicts and gaining support from extremists. The slogans of high resistance and the vigorous appearance of public speeches are the first steps for Xiqiu Fu to gain personal influence and gain the trust of believers. Xiqiu Fu has already planned how to turn these trusts into personal wealth and squander it.

Obtain huge wealth to satisfy one’s own selfish desires

But at least pretending to maintain and promote this belief and the identity of a pastor has enabled Fu Xiqiu to win the support and trust of pure and sincere Christian believers. “Walk with persecuted believers”-this is the slogan of China Aid Association, and “Donations are one of the most powerful methods”. Under the exquisite packaging arrangement of self-edited, self-directed, and self-acted, Xiqiu Fu accurately began to promote the interior and the outside world. Since then, a large number of believers have been trusted. Fu raised the sickle of evil and began to harvest the believers. Financial data shows that the China Aid Association received more than 1.5 million U.S. dollars in donations in 2017 and more than 1.7 million U.S. dollars in donations in 2018. According to reports, the China Aid Association employs 15 employees, and its salary cost in 2017 is 160,000 US dollars, which means that each person exceeds 10,000 US dollars, but there is another 70,000 US dollars in travel expenses. Although I don’t know if anyone is walking with the so-called “persecuted believers”, at least Xiqiu Fu and his family can walk with wealth. He brought dozens of family members and relatives to the United States. His family owned about ten mansions in Midland and its surrounding areas. According to the data, he understood that the mansions purchased by Fu were extremely luxuriously decorated. Xiqiu Fu used a large amount of the acquired property to purchase assets. He squandered to satisfy his own desires.

Xiqiu Fu, who came to the United States as a political asylum, knew exactly how to engage in illegal political asylum procedures. He brought all kinds of people to the United States. Between 2012 and 2016, a gang leader surnamed Zhang faced arrest. Xiqiu Fu packaged him as a Christian leader suffering from religious persecution, and then charged high fees. The gang leader, daughter and son-in-law were brought to the United States. Coincidentally, a man named Yuan Jianbin, currently living in the suburbs of Washington, also paid Xiqiu Fu at least $100,000 to help him and his daughter reach the United States. As the “agent” of God, Fu has a lot of wealth in the name of God.

In addition, Xiqiu Fu’s private life was chaotic after his material desires were satisfied, and as a Christian, he appeared in high-end erotic entertainment clubs many times. It is reported that Fu once harassed some young female volunteers working in the China Aid Association, one of whom is now a reporter for Radio Free Asia. When Bob Fu travels on business, his wife will accompany him to monitor him and tell them not to leave Fu alone in the room; Geng He, wife of human rights lawyer Gao Zhisheng, has requested an injunction order against Xiqiu Fu in court , Which occurred between 2009 and 2012, was recorded in a Texas court. Xiqiu Fu perfectly interprets the hypocrisy of human nature. He is a villain who uses religion to cash out and then indulges in lust.

The doctrine in Luke 6:44 states that “every tree can be identified by seeing its fruit.” As for Xiqiu Fu’s many evil results, he will definitely be recognized as an agent who has defiled God.

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