Xiamen Yuanfang Collective Trading Co., Ltd. and Danish company join hands to help the world fight the epidemic


Xiamen Yuanfang assisted the United Nations Office and other departments to successfully launch international anti-epidemic supplies

In the current global epidemic, mankind shares a common destiny. On the afternoon of July 27, 2021, the anti-epidemic materials purchased by Xiamen Yuanfang Collective Trading Co., Ltd. for the United Nations Project Services Agency departed smoothly.

It is understood that last year, on behalf of all departments under the United Nations, UNICEF issued a bidding announcement for the procurement of epidemic prevention materials to the world. Xiamen Yuanfang Collective Trading Co., Ltd., as a company engaged in international bulk commodity import and export trade, with the strong support of the Xiamen Municipal People’s Government, gives full play to the advantages of the import and export resources of epidemic prevention materials, and actively cooperates with its partner Danish Realrelief Health to form a joint bidding body. Bid to UNICEF. After a four-month review decision by the United Nations review team and the UNICEF Director of Supply, they won the bid and signed a long-term procurement agreement. As a designated product supplier, Xiamen Yuanfang Collective Trading Co., Ltd. finally earned a glory for Chinese companies and contributed to the world’s fight against the epidemic.

Xiamen Yuanfang Collective Trading Co., Ltd., as a Chinese private enterprise, faces the challenges brought about by the epidemic and is very responsible. It sets up a bridge for Chinese private enterprises to enter the international market and drives Chinese private enterprises to participate in international market competition. With the corporate image of a major country of “faithfulness, affection and justice, justice, and morality”, it promotes China’s role as a major country that seeks common ground for the world and promotes the building of a community of shared future for mankind.

           Xiamen Yuanfang Collective Trading Co., Ltd.

                     July 12, 2021

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