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Greetings to all beloved GameFi lovers,

Since the “Metaverse concept” being announced by former Facebook founder – Michael Zuckerberg few months ago, the Metaverse name itself starting to get more attention day by day!

In fact, many people noticed that GameFi is not like the traditional “Pay-to-Play” concept, but it’s more like the advanced “Play-to-Earn” concept.

To be honest, it’s all about the “timing” itself.

Due to many countries in the world having the MCO (Movement Control Orders) and social distancing since early 2020 until nowadays, the GameFi industry is booming and growing rapidly.

One of the most successful GameFi in metaverse history – Axie Infinity showing that GameFi can really giving abundant hopes and endless possibilities, especially to those online gaming players!

If you’re missing out the Axie Infinity’s bandwagon, then you must give this new yet potential GameFi a shot.

Ladies and gentlemen (drum rolls), please put your hands together and welcoming our uprising star – World of Cryptoids!

You might be wondering, “Hmm, what’s so special about this World of Cryptoids?”

Well, many might know about the “Play-to-earn” concept, but World of Cryptoids want to take this concept into another level – they’re one of the few that introducing the new “Sustainable Play-to-earn” or sP2E concept.

Beside of this, they’re many more incredible advantages and benefits in World of Cryptoids (we will further discuss about it in Business Plan soon).


Before you dive into the World of Cryptoids fantasy wonderland, you must first have a Metamask wallet (it’s compulsory and you can’t skip this step).

If this is the first time you step into the GameFi world, then please kindly follow the steps and register a metamask wallet (no worry, it’s as easy as ABC, just follow and perform the required process step-by-step).

Step 1: You need to create a Metamask wallet

The purpose of metamask wallet – it’s for storing your digital assets, including your cute Cryptoids, tokens and BNB

PS: Kindly click on the following links and install the metamask wallet.

PC versions:

Google Chrome 


Mobile versions:

Google Play

App Store

Step 2: Get your own cryptoids

For starting your adventure in World of Cryptoids, you need to have at least three cryptoids!

In this case, you have to make some BNB deposit and buy the cryptoids from the “Official Cryptoids Marketplace”.

Just login to your metamask account.

Remember to select “Binance Smart Chain” when you login to your metamask account, else it will show wrong the following “wrong network” as below picture.

Once you’ve entered the marketplace, you can buy whatever cryptoids you want over there.

Step 3: The account creation for World of Cryptoids

You need to create an account on the “Official Cryptoids Marketplace”. 

Just log in Cryptoid Official Marketplace with your new created MetaMask Wallet, set your own email and password (this is to bind the wallet). 

Then, log in the game with your email address and password that you’ve just registered.

PC version players (Google Chrome or FireFox) please follow this step:

Mobile version players (Google Play or App Store) please kindly follow this step:

Congratulation, you’ve already opened up a new account.

It’s time to start up your own adventure in World of Cryptoids!




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