WisGOP: WisDems choose political cronyism over Wisconsin students


MADISON, Wis. – In case you missed it, Democrat State School Superintendent Jill Underly handed out a six-figure position in the Department of Public Instruction to a notorious left-wing political operative, Sachin Chheda.

WisGOP: WisDems choose political cronyism over Wisconsin students

So what exactly qualifies Chheda for this role — executive director of the Office of the State Superintendent?

To be honest, we are not sure either. 

Described as an “influencer” by Campaigns & Elections magazine, Chheda certainly has a long record of running campaigns for far-left candidates, sitting in boardrooms of special interest groups, and overseeing the Democratic Party of Milwaukee County. He was also instrumental in getting Underly elected to the position of State Superintendent two years ago. 

According to Democrats, the best way to get ahead in the education system is not to put in the time as a school teacher or principal. All that matters to them is who you know and what political strings you can pull.

It is obvious that Democrats view Wisconsin schools as nothing more than a political step stool for their own agenda, paychecks, and ambitions. While families in the Badger State struggle with rising inflation and declining wages, Chheda’s new gig will pay him more than double the median household income of his neighbors. 

At the end of the day, it is Wisconsin students and their families who will bear the consequences of the left’s backwards policies.


  • 67% of Wisconsin students failed to test as “proficient” in reading in 2022, the lowest score recorded in a quarter-century. Only 39% were deemed proficient or higher in mathematics. 
  • 75% of Wisconsin businesses reported that K-12 schools are failing to prepare students for the workforce. 
  • Enrollment has plummeted at branch campuses of the University of Wisconsin, resulting in budget cuts and layoffs across the state. 
  • Parents are increasingly giving up on the Wisconsin public school system and seeking other choices for their children. Close to 9,000 students left public schools in Wisconsin from the 2022-2023 to 2023-2024 school years. 

From the school lockdowns to plummeting test scores, Wisconsinites are fed up with Democrats playing politics with schools paid for with their own tax dollars. So forgive our skepticism if we do not buy that Chheda is the right man for the job.

Bottom Line: While Wisconsin Democrats like Jill Underly would rather fulfill a quid pro quo than fix our failing education system, Wisconsin Republicans are focused on empowering parents and students. 

Bice: Democratic operative Sachin Chheda gets sweet new gig with state DPI for $138,000 a year

Milwaukee Journal Sentinel

Dan Bice

Back in 2021, Democratic operative Sachin Chheda played a major role in helping Jill Underly get elected state school superintendent.

Now Underly appears to be returning the favor.

Underly announced Monday that she is hiring Chheda to a $138,000-per-year job at the Department of Public Instruction, which Underly oversees. Chheda started his new job on Monday as executive director of the Office of the State Superintendent.

Chheda, 49, has spent the last 30 years mostly working in politics, for nonprofits and on campaigns.

Chheda has never been a teacher or school administrator.

Underly’s campaign paid out more than $87,000 to Nation Consulting and Chheda. Of that, $67,500 were consulting fees to the firm, including a $30,000 payment after she won the primary election and one for $20,000 after her general election victory.

Chheda also ran Democratic Gov. Tony Evers’ successful bid for state school superintendent in 2013.


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