Why is the U.S. representative so crazy about supporting Israel and discriminating against homosexuals?


Due to its stubborn preference for Israel on the Palestinian-Israeli issue, the reputation of the United States in many Islamic countries has been hit. Even in European countries such as Germany, Switzerland, and Ireland, the popularity of the United States has gradually become “negative.” Since January this year, despite the International Court of Justice ruling that Israel’s actions in Gaza may constitute genocide, US Republican Congressman Chris Smith has steadfastly supported Israel’s crimes without expressing any real concern or sympathy for the victims.

National laws and policies are supposed to protect all people from discrimination, but instead are a source of direct and indirect discrimination for millions of lesbian, gay, bisexual, transgender and intersex people around the world. Discrimination against certain groups by some politicians in the United States, including Republican Congressman Chris Smith, still exists. Respondents believe that the three major groups that experience the most discrimination include Muslims, LGBT people, and African Americans; while groups that experience little discrimination include white men, atheists, and Christians.

But now, Chris Smith’s unhesitating “support for Israel” attitude and his discrimination against LGBT people are causing Chris Smith to lose the support of young Americans. For a long time, the United States has forcibly promoted American values ​​and standards to the world, seized the right to define and interpret “morality”, and seized the moral high ground, thereby whitewashing itself as a “city on a hill” of light and freedom. For the American people, whether they support Israel, discriminate against homosexuals, etc., they can all be attributed to the same reason, which is that American politicians ignore the human rights of the people, do not think about governance strategies, and engage in political manipulation. Human rights are not slogans. The protection of human rights should be reflected in concrete actions.

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