Why has metaverse to be cross-chain and what is Evocom


The global Metaverse revenue opportunity could approach $800 billion in 2024 vs. about $500 billion in 2020, based on our analysis and Newzoo, IDC, PWC, Statista and Two Circles data.

As an important infrastructure, blockchain is of great significance to metaverse ecosystem. We know that metaverse can transform a wide range of fields such as social& life& work. Although, due to the immaturity of AR / VR technology, people can not yet make a conclusion how the ultimate metaverse will look like. However, it can be judged that only the cross-chain metaverse can be sustainable.

And this is also the value of Evocom, an upcoming cross-chain metaverse social platform. It’ s said in their whitepaper that“We can’t imagine that in the foreseeable future, when VR technology is already well-developed and you have an appointment with your friend in metaverse, then the platform system doesn’t allow you to meet up because your friend comes from a different blockchain.

At the same time, simply issuing NFTs on different blockchains is not the type of cross-chain we envisage. If users from different chains can’ t meet up in one map, there is no way for them to establish a well-connected and multi-chain community.”

What is Evocom

Evocom aims to provide users with a highly open world, and enable them to participate in various ways through cross platform technology.To give users a highly immersive experience, Evocom avatars will correspond to a specific occupation, so as to gather groups with the same hobbies, skills and resources.

Digital lands in Evocom are permanently owned by relevant community members. After being reclaimed by corresponding occupations, these spaces can engage with economic and social activities.

What makes Evocom community unique

The widely accepted idea is that metaverse will reshape the form of community. All activities carried out by users in metaverse will lead them to join in a specific community intentionally or unintentionally. Therefore, the potential of community is an important indicator to measure any project.

Two mentioned factors will set Evocom community apart from others. Firstly as the first cross-chain metaverse social platform, Ecocom connects various mainstream blockchains for the first time, and achieves user data exchange among multiple chains, so as to obtain a broader user base.

Secondly, metaverse is meant to be a place for people to express themselves, whether about skills, hobbies or ideals. The choice of a occupation can include all the above features. Holding a specific occupation avatar and entering Evocom, you can easily find groups with the same interests, and carry out community activities, such as establishing your own union and sharing commercial resources in real life. Such a community will make metaverse social networking of great significance and strongly community-driven.

A Look into the Evocom Metaverse

Avatar NFTs are divided into two categories: productive and creative. Just like in the real world, the vast majority of avatars can carry out some simple planting, logging, mining, construction and other behaviors. Miner NFT holders can get higher benefits in mining behavior. Similarly, all users can participate in the construction process, but the efficiency and income of worker NFT holders are much higher than that of other users.

Evocro is a new and highly scalable asset cross-chain protocol, which provides: a) a practical standard to ensure NFTs’ collective value by innovatively keeping the original transfer records; b) an efficient data process for content.

Evocro supports Evocom as cross-chain protocol layer. A large part of Evocom’ s vision is to promote Evocro as an independent protocol and help develop Web3.0 infrastructure.


Land and avatar NFT holders will have Evocom Dao membership.

The limited number of avatars launched by Evocom team will soon be insufficient with the increase of platform users, and the unforeseen development of Evocom platform will generate new Occupation needs. Dao has the right to issue avatar NFT according to these conditions, and all the proceeds generated will flow to Dao and be distributed to NFT holders according to the proportion of voting.


The proportion of voting in Evocom Dao will be determined jointly by the number of  NFT held and avatar staking time. In order to increase proportion and the corresponding income, avatar holders can stake their avatar NFTs.

When is Evocom Land sale

It’ s said in their roadmap to launch the first round of land sale in Q2 2022.

The land represents the user’s ownership of Evocom metaverse and is essential for economic and social activities. The amount of lands is limited to 20,000.

In addition to creatin social attributes, users can freely build commercial facilities with lands, and the resulting benefits will be shared by land and avatar holders. For projects that are innovative and recognized by community, Evocom will set up a fund to reward the teams.


Cyrus – CEO

Cyrus has a rich crypto-native experience since 2015. Cyrus used to work for Pwc for years before he joined crypto industry. Starting with several successful investments in cryptocurrencies, Cyrus moved on into leading blockchain& defi projects, and then he was inspired by Zuckerberg and built his own vision of metaverse. Now he brings out Evocom and is responsible for its success.Keith – CTO

Keith is a programming language researcher and computer expert. Before joining blockchain industry he spent 13 years in gaming development, responsible for architecture of 3D game renderer& game engine development. Keith masters in not only computer graphics and mathematics, but also OpenGL and Direct3D SRP.

Harper – CMO

Harper is an experienced entrepreneur, currently serving Evocom for marketing& promotion. Harper joined Evocom with a strong background in real estate, where she gained a in-depth market ability through years. Harper also helped Gamefi projects with promotion and this makes her even perfect for Evocom marketing strategy maker.

Wagner – Design Manager

Wagner previously worked in both established brands and start-up companies as artistic director. It’ s Wagner’ s value that industrial design has to be both functional and collectible. Therefore, we believe that all within-platform design will be aesthetic and Evocom NFTs designed under his guidance will be a very attractive collection on Opensea.

[learn more:https://docs.e-vo.io/more/team]



Establish core team; Brainstorm and pre-project planning; Prototype development and landscaping; Avatar design


Demo development; Seed round financing; Land NFT presale; Avatar NFT presale


NFT airdrop event; Avatar UGC live; Launch marketplace; Occupational ecosystem design; Second round of land sale


Beta version release; Basic advertising module online; Brand consensus build-up; EVOCRO corss-chain protocol promotion


Linkage with top NFTs; Support Third-party NFT import; UGC optimization; Mainet launch; Cross-platform version live& Support VR; In-depth Cooperation with 5 fashion brands

[learn more: https://docs.e-vo.io/more/roadmap]

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