Which Otsego-area football team will travel the furthest in 2023?


GAYLORD ― Warm up the buses, load up the caravans and figure out the drivers; it is time for football season, which means it’s time to get travel arrangements in order.

Otsego area schools are gearing up for a lot of driving in 2023, with 15 total road games between Gaylord, St. Mary and Johannesburg-Lewiston.

Wondering which area team is traveling the most? Take a look:


Gaylord has nearly 1,000 miles of road trips ahead of them this season, with games at Kingsley, Cadillac, Escanaba and Sault Ste Marie on the schedule.

Road games: 4

Total miles traveled (roundtrip): 924 miles

Average road trip distance: 231 miles

Longest distance: Week 7 at Escanaba, 414 miles roundtrip

Shortest distance: Week 2 at Kingsley, 124 miles roundtrip

Gaylord’s shortest road trip will be a nonconference matchup with Kingsley while its furthest distance to travel will be to play new Big North Conference foe Escanaba in the UP.

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Gaylord St. Mary

Gaylord St. Mary has five road games on the schedule in 2023.

Road games: 5

Total miles traveled (roundtrip): 534 miles

Average road trip distance: 106.8 miles

Longest distance: Week 1 at Pickford, 206 miles roundtrip

Shortest distance: Week 4 at Bellaire, 66 miles roundtrip

The Snowbirds will travel nearly 400 fewer miles than the Blue Devils despite an extra road game on the schedule. Still, they will make a trip across the bridge to face Pickford in Week One before relatively short trips in the remaining four games away from home.

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Johannesburg-Lewiston will travel the shortest total distance of the htree area teams but has the second highest average road trip at 132 miles per roundtrip.

Road games: 4

Total miles traveled (roundtrip): 528 miles

Average road trip distance: 132 miles

Longest distance: Week 4 at Frankfort, 220 miles roundtrip

Shortest distance: Week 8 at Mancelona, 72 miles roundtrip

Despite a longer average road trip, the Johannesburg-Lewiston Cardinals will travel six total miles less than St. Mary’s this season, making them the least-traveled team in the area for 2023. They are the only team of the three without a UP trip on their schedule while welcoming a team from the Canadian side of the Sault to Johannesburg.

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