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Over the last month, A.J. Brown has done something just two players in the history of the NFL have done.

He’s had at least 125 receiving yards in five straight games, joining Pat Studstill (1966) and Calvin Johnson (2012). Over this five game stretch, Brown has caught 41 passes for 701 yards and 3 touchdowns.

This week, we asked a bunch of Eagles skill players and Nick Sirianni what has impressed them most about Brown during this stretch. 

Here’s what they said:

Head coach Nick Sirianni: “Consistency. There were a couple of plays last week that — and I brought them up to the team and to the offense — that it was, man, A.J., everybody knows how good he’s been playing. He’s been recognized by us as player of the game when you go into the indoor (you’d see that). He has been recognized by the NFL as Offensive Player of the Week for the first time in his career.

“But let me show you a couple things he did. It’s because of how he’s catching the ball and the yards he’s getting with it, right? But let me show you guys a couple things that he did, and our guys noticed it, to help somebody else get open in a couple different instances with Dallas [Goedert’s]. The block that he had on Dallas’ touchdown on the screen pass that we ran. So, there were all these different things.

“I think what impressed me the most are the things that he’s not getting recognized for of how good of a team player he is and what he’s been doing for this team, not just catching the football and not just being on the field.

“It gives me goosebumps to think about it as I’m talking about it right now. It’s the things he’s doing that are unsee where other guys are getting the shine. Now he’s getting his opportunities as well, but that’s what impressed me. From that last game, that’s what impressed me the most, the couple things, it was about three or four plays of things that he did to help somebody else directly, and how it changed the game with what he did.

“So that speaks to why he has the ‘C’ on his chest and why he’s a captain of this team. He just keeps getting better every time he steps on the field and that was the most recognizable thing on that.”

TE Dallas Goedert: “I’d just have to say the fact that he’s just really always open. Doesn’t matter if he’s covered or not, he’s just a true playmaker. No 50-50 ball. Every play we call, he’s open. It’s just pretty cool, especially with his nickname being Always Open, it’s just so true. And this year more than ever. He’s just always open.”

WR DeVonta Smith: “Everything that he do in a game, he do it at practice. Him just going out and preparing himself the way he prepares. When you prepare like that, when you get to the game, it’s going to be easy.”

RB D’Andre Swift: “Just his consistency, how he comes to work every single day. He deserves everything he gets. The way he comes to work. You can tell the type of week you’re gonna have. Just the mentality, I would say.”

WR Olamide Zaccheaus: “His consistency. It’s that simple. He’s just been very consistent, playing at a high level. He’s been very consistent at that.”

WR Britain Covey: “I’m sure you’ve gotten answers from other people. Two things. One, his … I don’t know what you would call it. His awareness of where the defender is when his back is turned towards him. If you go back and watch, every game going back to Tampa Bay or Washington, he has at least one or two catches per game were his back is turned towards the defense and he knows which way to turn and which way to spin and he picks up sometimes 20 extra yards, 10 extra yards, whatever it is. I think that’s a unique skill. And then the other thing is catching it out in front. He doesn’t let the ball get into his body. That’s why he says he’s always, quote, unquote, always open. Because even if not, you can’t reach through those arms.”

WR Devon Allen: “I think obviously his role in the offense is super important in terms of getting the ball and making plays. But you also see him growing as a blocker in the last five games as well. If you look at the film, you’ll see him going down there and making forced blocks and helping some of those runs that are long in the last few games spring as well. I think that’s probably the most impressive. Obviously, the stats are great, him making spectacular catches. He does that all the time. We expect that from him. But him really growing and developing as a blocking receiver is impressive too I think.”

QB Marcus Mariota: “I think first and foremost, his work ethic. To me, the results are not surprising because you see it every single day on the practice field. I think for him going forward in his career, if he continues to do that, he’s going to be an unbelievable player.”

TE Grant Calcaterra: “Just the fact that he’s done it, what is it? Five weeks in a row. Yeah, I guess that’s just impressive in itself. It’s hard enough to do that one time or even five times over a season. But back-to-back-to-back-to-back-to-back is really impressive.”

WR Greg Ward Jr.: “How he attacks the day. How he attacks the day, attacks practice. He’s in the weight room and it’s every single day. He’s a high motor guy. You never see him take a play off, a day off. He’s full speed every single play. In the weight room, he’s going extremely hard. It’s no coincidence why he’s doing what he’s doing right now. He’s a heckuva player but he works even harder.”

TE Jack Stoll: “I think whenever he has an opportunity to make a play, he goes and makes that play. He’s a special dude to be around. You can just tell he’s different. Being able to play with him and see how hard he works, how he’s able to go out there and make an impact on a game is awesome and it’s a huge weapon for us.”

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