What ESG Work Did Linklogis Accomplish to Realize Dual Carbon?


On May 19, 2022, Linklogis unveiled its first Environmental, Social, and Governance (ESG) report since the company was listed in 2021, which is also the first ESG report released by a listed supply chain finance technology SaaS enterprise in China.

The report presents Linklogis’ industry-leading technology and product matrix and elaborates on the company’s performance in key areas such as green and low-carbon operations, green financial innovation, financial inclusion, data, and information security, and building organizational capabilities, to provide a sustainable development paradigm for supply chain finance technology peers.

Since its inception in 2016, Linklogis has been an adherent of low-carbon, digitalization, and cloud-native strategies. The company incorporates ESG factors into its product development and growth strategies, enabling a more streamlined and traceable workflow and assisting customers and partners in reducing energy and resource consumption. Linklogis’ technology solutions greatly reduce the offline transportation of relevant personnel in supply chain financing activities. According to the company’s estimation, as of December 31, 2021, compared with traditional supply chain assets processing methods, it had reduced carbon emissions by 5,900 tons due to less traveling.

Promoting the digital and paperless transformation of the industry, Linklogis enables participants involved in securitization transactions to access and co-examine information related to the underlying supply chain assets through their respective user interfaces without printing, delivering, and storing large amounts of documents. Its signature ABS Cloud has saved approximately 2,000 tons of paper for all participants, equivalent to a reduction of approximately 1,200 tons of carbon emissions.

During green finance technology solutions development, Linklogis integrated green finance with its existing supply chain finance technology products and processes. Taking the proprietary cloud-native digital platform AMS Cloud as an example, Linklogis has added a green label function, which can identify and label which projects or enterprises meet the green environmental protection requirements, so that financial institutions or investors can determine which projects fall into the scope of green finance or sustainable development. In response to the industry pain points of “inaccurate identification of green projects, asymmetry of green information, and incomplete green data” during the development of green credit for commercial banks, Linklogis has created the “Bee-Clean Green Supply Chain Finance Middle Platform Solution”, a green data information-sharing platform, to integrate carbon footprint, carbon emission reduction, corporate portraits, and other data with green financial products, while assisting banks to improve green credit efficiency, reduce risks, and standardize supervision.

The Founder, Chairman, and CEO of Linklogis, Mr. Song Qun commented, “with the in-depth development of the new round of technological revolution and industrial transformation, the digital economy has become a breakthrough point for China to grasp the growing new opportunities brought by technology advancement. Digitalization and dual-carbon are mutually promoted, penetrated, and evolved, achieving a win-win for the ecosystem. Fortunately, Linklogis has been on the path to exploring the integration of digitalization and the dual-carbon goals since our inception, and our corporate growth is in line with the ESG development. Looking ahead, Linklogis will effectively exert the power of “Technology for Good”, digitalize supply chain finance to boost the development of the real economy, foster environmental protection, maximize environmental protection, reduce carbon emissions, create value for employees, shareholders, and society, and construct an excellent corporate management and governance system.”

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