What are MDOT’s guidelines for political signs?


JACKSON, Miss. (WJTV) – Political signs can be found up and down streets across the capital city, leaving some people frustrated.

According to the Mississippi Department of Transportation (MDOT), as long as the signage stays out of the state’s right-of-way requirements, it’s out of their control.

Michael Flood, public information officer at MDOT, said political signs are not permitted within right-of-way areas on state highways.

“Prior to mowing, our crews will pick up political signage that is in our right-of-way. Right-of-way can vary from interstate to highway. Typically, it’s a good 50 feet from the center line out in each direction, so we are charged with picking up those political signs,” Flood explained.

He said the signs can also become projectiles when their crews are mowing, especially if they have steel wire signs, which can damage MDOT equipment and vehicles driving on the highways.

If signs are picked up by MDOT, they will be stored at their nearest maintenance facility in that county for two weeks. If they are not collected, MDOT said they will dispose of the sign.

The Secretary of State’s Office said political signage placement is not a state law.

“Mississippians must contact local county and municipal authorities to determine whether or not there is an ordinance or regulation limiting the number or size of signs, or designating a time period for when such signs may be placed,” the office stated.

Flood said if illegally placed signs are not picked up, they will probably stay put and contribute to Mississippi’s $3.2 million litter problem.

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