West Metro firefighters travel to help battle California wildfires


Flames from the Agua fire are seen in Soledad Canyon, near Agua Dulce, California, July 25, 2023. A heat wave in excess of 90 degrees Farenheit (32 Celsius) makes emergency response both difficult and dangerous. (Photo by DAVID SWANSON/AFP via .)

GOLDEN (KDVR) — The York Fire in southern California has now burned 70,000 acres and crossed into Nevada.

As the fire danger increases Colorado is answering the call for assistance. Four West Metro firefighters are en route to the fire. They will learn of the location of their post when they arrive.

West Metro firefighter Michael Worcester has fought wildland fires in several western states. He told FOX31 that recent storms have provided much-needed moisture, but abundant rainfall can also increase fire danger because it boosts the growth of brush.

“As things dry out then the fire danger becomes more concerning, there’s more fuel to burn,” said Worcester.

Worcester told FOX31 that the National Inter-Agency and Geographic Area Coordination Centers decide if and when out-of-state firefighters need to be sent across state lines to assist other crews.

“Ultimately all the resources available for wildland firefighting are considered as a national pool of resources,” Worcester said.

The need for assistance can change depending on the conditions.

“As they become a little thin in California they start looking to fill resource orders,” Worcester said.

While West Metro is sending four firefighters to California, Worcester confirms that the station is prepared to accommodate all emergency calls.

“Colorado doesn’t have the fires that are requiring as many resources so we have a few extra that we can share,” Worcester said.

When extra firefighters are called to assist in Colorado wildfires, many crews travel from Texas, Nebraska and Wyoming.

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