We’re ramping this thing like crazy


Intel (INTC) hosted its “AI Everywhere” event on Thursday, showcasing a range of products and services which all include artificial intelligence. Included in the showcase was the Gaudi3, an artificial intelligence chip for generative AI software. The chip will officially launch next year. Intel CEO Pat Gelsinger joins Yahoo Finance to discuss the implementation of AI across the company and its products and how the AI market will move into next year and beyond.

Gelsinger comments on future use cases for AI: “I do think that enterprises are just going to find a lot of critical use cases for this. We showed a couple today in some of the communications technologies. Imagine realtime translation, transcription, summarization, contextualization, ‘wow, this is cool’, but also cases like manufacturing lines. We showed even our manufacturing line where high-resolution imaging and being able to detect machine variations and being able to improve line yields in our big factories.”

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