VGW raises million-dollar financing


What is Decentralized Finance (DeFi) The full English name of DeFi: Decentralized Finance

Means decentralized finance, or decentralized finance, open finance

Defi is a blockchain-based financial service that integrates traditional financial services and uses the unique functions of the blockchain to create new services or financial derivatives. Defi (decentralized finance) applications are a subset of DAPP (decentralized applications).

Transform intermediary trust into machine trust

Runs entirely on smart contracts.

What is NFT The full name of NFT is: Non-fungible-token

That is, non-homogeneous Token, corresponding to FT (homogeneous Token)

Non-homogeneous Token refers to a uniquely identified, non-interchangeable Token, and it cannot be split.

NFT is currently a shining pearl on the blockchain “Internet of Value”

Specific application scenarios of NFT

The world’s top conceptual artist said that as an artist, NFT may be a lifetime opportunity for me, because it is an opportunity to evaluate digital art and real-world art equally.

The Van Gogh World (VGW) came into being

In the traditional art market, the trading venues are mainly galleries, auction houses and other cumbersome processes, which greatly hinder the circulation of artworks. The blockchain has changed this relationship. Traditional artworks combine blockchain technology. It is possible to construct brand-new encrypted artworks.

The VGW encrypted artwork platform uses this feature, combined with the non-tamperable and traceable technical principle of the blockchain, and redefines the artwork through the technical concept of NFT+DeFi.

DeFi+NFT will become the new growth driving engine.

VGW (Van Gogh World) completed a million-dollar financing. US Eastern Time, the Van Gogh World (VGW) Blockchain Enthusiast Foundation completed a million-dollar seed round of financing. Investors include Redline, Capital, Gdzb, Blockway Ventures, LabsPandaCapital, WinCapital, Bitmart, HappyBlocko.

Van Gogh World is an encrypted art auction platform. It pioneered NFT auctions, collections, and transfers to cast VGW. It uses VGW payment, machine gun pool pledge mining, and DAO community incentive experience model. It has constructed a more consensus in the NFT field, and the application has landed. A new track supported by value.

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