Vastu tips for optimizing important corners in your home


In Vastu Shastra, how you set up your home can really affect how you feel. Vastu talks about special corners in your home that play a big role in making things good. Let’s talk about these important corners in simple words and understand why they matter for a happy home.

The North-East corner is like the happy corner in Vastu. It’s special and brings good feelings. People say if you put a prayer room or use light colors in this corner, it makes your home peaceful and calm.

The South-West corner is important for strength. Vastu thinks that if you have important rooms, like bedrooms, in this corner, it makes your home strong and can bring good luck.


The North-West corner is like the corner for friends and guests. Having guest rooms or places to hang out in this corner can make your home more social and friendly. It’s like inviting good vibes and fun times.

The South-East corner is all about energy. Vastu suggests putting the kitchen, which is like the heart of your home, in this corner. Having a clean and organized kitchen here is believed to bring good health and luck to your family.

Even though it’s not a corner, the center of your home is super important in Vastu. They call it Brahmasthan. Keeping this space open and free helps positive energy move around your home. It’s like making sure good vibes flow everywhere.

Paying attention to these special corners helps bring good vibes and balance. Following these simple tips from Vastu can make your home a place not just to stay but a place filled with positive feelings and good luck.

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