US museum omits JK Rowling from Harry Potter exhibition due to ‘super hateful views


The Museum of Pop Culture in Seattle is not happy with JK Rowling’s ‘transphobic’ views

The Museum of Pop Culture in Seattle has taken a significant step by removing any reference to JK Rowling, the renowned creator of the Harry Potter series, from its exhibition centered around the beloved wizard and his companions.

The decision was rooted in Rowling’s perceived “super hateful and divisive” perspectives, which led to the museum’s choice to distance itself from her presence.

The move came as a response to a blog post penned by project manager Chris Moore, who identifies as transgender. Moore expressed a profound sentiment, likening a certain element within the realm of Harry Potter to a “cold, heartless, joy-sucking entity.”

While normally associated with Dementors in the magical universe, Moore’s allusion pointed towards Rowling herself. The decision to excise her contributions from the exhibition was motivated by her vocal expression of what the museum perceived as “super hateful and divisive views.”

Moore further detailed, “It’s not a perfect solution, but it’s what we were able to do in the short-term while determining long-term practices.”

Consequently, the Museum of Pop Culture has opted to retain its Harry Potter memorabilia, albeit with no mention of the record-breaking franchise’s author.

Rowling, previously celebrated and even inducted into the Museum’s Science Fiction and Fantasy Hall of Fame, has become a polarizing figure in recent times.

Her public stance in support of a British woman who faced dismissal from her job due to her beliefs about gender and biological sex triggered a wave of controversy.

Rowling has expressed both solidarity with the trans community and concerns for the safety of biological women. She also revealed her own experience as a survivor of domestic violence.

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