UBOXSEA and PlatON jointly launch the chain game “STONE AEON” NFT loot chest activity


Stone Aeon is the first multi-worldview chain game on PlatON. Relying on the background of the Stone Age, the game aggregates all primitive humans, and presents it uniquely and digitally through blockchain technology.In the game, every item or creature is an NFT asset, allowing players to receive maximum income while enjoying game entertainment, and realize the classic economic model of Play-To-Earn.

Currently, the game is being tested on the PlatON chain and will be released soon. Before the official release of the game, it will be the first to land on the UBOXSEA NFT market for the public sale of loot chestes.

UBOXSEA and PlatON jointly launch the chain game “STONE AEON” NFT loot chest activity

Stone Aeon Loot Chest NFT

Stone Aeon Loot Chest NFT has a total of 8128, including character portraits of four rarities.The user will randomly select one of them. The NFT character avatar is mainly composed of four elements, namely “Background”, “Tribe”, “Race”, and “Rarity”. These elements will have an impact on game characters and market value.

Each race contains four rarity character avatars, and the backgrounds

under different rarity character avatars are random.

(The picture shows the avatar part of the NFT character)

PlatON develops the chain game market

Stone Aeon will be released on the PlatON network after testing.Based on the basic properties of blockchain, PlatON is supported by a private computing network, and provides the next-generation Internet basic protocol with “computing interoperability” as the core feature.It uses a variety of modern cryptographic algorithms such as Zero-Knowledge Proof (ZKP), Verifiable Computing (VC), and Homomorphic Encryption (HE) to realize the computational expansion scheme of non-interactive proofs. The characteristics of scalability and privacy presented in this way provide protection for the privacy and circulation of digital assets of Stone Aeon players.

As a private AI computing network, PlatON is also the first time to enter the chain game field to develop ecology and expand the market.At the same time, PlatON is building a decentralized collaborative AI network and global brain. With the technical blessing of the metaverse and artificial intelligence, the future development of Stone Aeon will be more diverse and have more possibilities.

Write at the end

The Loot Chest NFT of the chain game “Stone Aeon” is the first cooperative sales activity between UBOXSEA and PlatON. UBOXSEA is a multi-functional NFT platform that supports copyright transactions. It integrates the copyright system in the real world into the NFT minting, trading and other processes.The platform has previously cooperated with a number of chain games, Metaverse and other projects and launched Loot Chest NFT activities.UBOXSEA officially announced that 3,000 whitelist places will be reserved this time, and the remaining 5,128 will be open for public sale. And a large number of airdrop activities will be held in the near future. Users can get LAT tokens and UDI tokens to win limited whitelist spots (the tokens can be used to buy Loot Chestes), and more benefits!

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2) Join discord channel: https://discord.gg/tr6e6EdRmX

3)Follow StoneAeon on Twitter:https://twitter.com/StoneAeon

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